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Did Adolf Hitler have a son with a French teenager? New evidence indicates it may well be so…

Adolf Hitler.
Adolf Hitler.

In 1981, a French national, Jean-Marie Loret published a book, ‘Your Father’s name was Hitler,’ in which he asserted that he was the product of a liaison his French mother, Charlotte Lobjoie when she was a teenager in 1917. At the time his assertions were dismissed, but now twenty seven years after his death in 1985 aged 67, the man’s lawyer, Francois Gibault has come forward with documents and photographs that support Loret’s claims.

livescience: Born in March, 1918, Loret grew up knowing nothing about his father. His mother, Charlotte Lobjoie, had given him away for adoption to a family called Loret.

Then, in the early 1950s, just before her death, Miss Lobjoie told her son that at 16 she had a brief affair with Hitler. He was conceived after a “tipsy” evening in June 1917.

She told him that during the First World War, Hitler was a young soldier fighting the French near Seboncourt, in the Picardy region. He made his way to Fournes-in-Weppe, a town west of Lille, for regular leave.

“I was cutting hay with other women, when we saw a German soldier on the other side of the street,” Miss Lobjoie told her son.

“He had a sketch pad and seemed to be drawing. All the women found this soldier interesting, and wanted to know what he was drawing. They picked me to try to approach him,” she said.

The pair started a brief relationship, and the following year Jean-Marie was born.

And then there’s this:

“On the rare occasions your father was around, he liked to take me for walks in the countryside. But these walks usually ended badly. Your father, inspired by nature, launched into speeches I did not really understand,” Miss Lobjoie said.

She recalled that Loret’s father did not speak French “but solely ranted in German, talking to an imaginary audience.”

Despite being haunted by the news of who his father purportedly was (having been adopted out to the Loret family when he was born, his mother revealed to him as she was dying when he was just 16 who his real father was) Loret went on and fought for the resistance in World War 2. After the war in order not to get depressed he would work tirelessly, not even once having taken the time to go see a movie over the next twenty years- besides himself that he could possibly be the son of one of the most notorious individuals in the world.

Seeking concrete proof that he was indeed the son of Adolf Hitler, in 1979, Loret came across a lawyer who assisted him in going through documents to prove once and for all if he was the son of Adolf Hitler. Employing a geneticist, a handwriting analyst, these researchers were of the opinion that Loret was probably the son of Hitler which led to him coming out with his book in 1981 before passing away four years later at the age of 67.

Adding to the assertion that Loret was the son of Hitler are now recently recovered documents which show Hitler showing money to his mother during the German occupation of France in World War One as well as a painting signed and painted by Hitler of a woman who ‘looks exactly like Loret’s mother found in his mother’s attic.

If it can be shown that indeed that Loret was Hitler’s son, Loret’s surviving children would then according to his executor be eligible to receive royalties from the sale of Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

But then comes the following from the nationalpost:

However, the claim has been disputed, particularly by Belgium journalist Jean-Paul Mulders. Several years ago Mr. Mulders said he had collected DNA samples of relatives of Hitler and Mr. Loret and compared them.

They did not match, he said.

Ultimately a possible win for Loret’s children must be a bitter sweet victory, to win access to vast royalties at the expense of perpetrating some of the most horrendous crimes known possibly to man. Perhaps it may have been better to not have sought this knowledge and give up possible certain royalties and the all too likely self loathing that their father Loret came to have throughout the course of his natural life…