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Oh really? Plane toilets set to shrink to make way for more airline seats.



Plane toilets
Plane toilets

Going to the bathroom on an airplane is suddenly going to require you to breathe in as airliners look to make plane toilets smaller in an effort to accommodate more seats on flights.

In the constant battle to cut costs and maximise revenue, airlines are now looking to shrink the size of their toilets – a decision that will allow them to squeeze in more seats.

Delta Airlines is one of the first carriers to order new on-board lavatories that will be smaller than the 3×3-foot-dimension toilets currently widely in use.

The UK’s dailymail goes on to note that these reduced-sized bathrooms will be fitted to the airline’s 737-900 aircraft, and will allow Delta to fit four more seats into the planes’ economy-class cabins.

The airline says that passengers will not notice the difference, as the extra room will be harvested from space behind the sink units, which is currently wasted.

The smaller loos are anticipated to on the US based airline’s fleet of the 737 carrier later this year but only in the economy compartments.

The move is likely to be followed by rivals as the industry rushed to keep up with any competitive advantages rivals take.

Reflects Sebastien Weber, chief executive of Zodiac Aerospace – a Los Angeles-based firm that builds toilets for aircraft:

‘On airplanes, it is all about how you use the real estate.’

Then there was this reflection on the web that brought a rueful smile to my face:

This is just getting ridiculous. 25 years ago, flying used to be enjoyable and comfortable, now I hate it, long haul is the worst unless you have thousands to spend on first class. Coach class is worse than animals travel. Whatever next!

  • They’d save more room if they’d let us pee in the sink.

  • glen

    is the bathroom located in chelsea