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Anonymous accusation of Amanda Todd stalker is false say cops.

Amanda Todd.


Amanda Todd.

Amanda Todd’s purported stalker reckons knows he knows who her real stalker is….

Did anonymous cross an ethical line outing Amanda Todd’s purported stalker who turned out to be wrong?

Anonymous track man who released naked deceased images of Amanda Michelle Todd via twitter.

Anonymous outs man who spread topless photos of Amanda Michelle Todd who committed suicide.

Canadian student Amanda Michelle Todd commits suicide after relentless bullying.

The RCMP have released a statement outlining that information hacker group anonymous have released about a purported stalker of the recently deceased Amanda Todd case, Kody Maxson is false and unfounded. Furthermore they have gone on to warn against the spreading of false information through social media.

Reflected Sgt. Peter Thiessen: “The Internet and social media were central to Amanda’s story and they are central to our investigation.

“One of our big challenges right now, is false information that is being spread by people who appear to be trying to use Amanda’s story to do harm or make a profit.”

Although the individual targeted by anonymous bears some startling and incriminating linkage to the display of minors, as first disclosed by vice magazine,( including Google Map screenshots of his house, his Facebook profile, chat conversations and screenshots from a “jailbait” website account supposedly tied to the man) authorities have after interviewing the man for now garnered he is not the individual that many have now begun to believe was stalking and blackmailing Amanda Todd.

Reports canada.com: The Lower Mainland man, who appeared in court in a black hoodie emblazoned with the words ‘Stomp-down Killaz,’ said he got some “sketchy” information about the blackmailer, who he says is 26, lives in New York and goes by an alias of Viper. The man said he passed this information to the RCMP and NYPD, but he couldn’t remember whom he spoke with.

“I tried to help, to do everything I could,” he told The Sun in an interview.

He said he only knew Amanda in “a sense,” but denied he was one of her tormentors. He said he didn’t even have a copy of the video used to try to blackmail her.

“If I was a tormentor I’d be in police custody,” he said, adding he’s “really pissed off and annoyed” that people are pointing the finger at him. “None of it’s true. I’m feeling betrayed.”

The man’s mother said Tuesday her family has been subjected to a “lynch mob” mentality and urged the public to let the police do their investigation.

“It’s really dangerous to throw out names when you don’t know,” she told Postmedia News. “This is doing more harm than good.”

What now one has to wonder is despite anonymous’ purported pledge to do good is how in it and similar outlets’ attempts to bring what it perceives justice to the plight of Amanda Todd case is how in fact it has overstepped legal boundaries and at present judged, sentenced and condemned an individual who hasn’t been proven in a court of law to be guilty of alleged crimes. Yet on the other hand anonymous’ efforts do point to society’s unease and displeasure with the current legal system in place which allows the stalking and engagement of minors for salacious purposes, that said one is resolved to the time honored process of proper legal due process and the belief an individual is innocent until proven guilty, something that Mr Maxson must be quite thankful exists given the bullying he has suddenly now found himself subjected to….



  1. I dont know what the plan the police i have in mind, but they MUST realize that anonymous is right…and saying maxson is not the culprit is pretty baffling. Are they just trying to take some of the heat of so they can build a case on MAxson. At any rate…something isnt adding up….and sadly I’d like to say i trust the authorities but at this moment I trust anonymous and am really starting to respect them.

  2. Sounds like the cops are conveniently trying to brush this issue under the rug. Why is no one bringing up the issue of this asshole spreading child pornography or trying to catch that perv? The man Anonymous accused has a history of sexual assault and is being questioned for other related charges. Furthermore, Anonymous doesn’t usually release false information.

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