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Anonymous outs man who spread topless photos of Amanda Michelle Todd who committed suicide.




Did anonymous cross an ethical line outing Amanda Todd’s purported stalker who turned out to be wrong?

Anonymous accusation of Amanda Todd stalker is false say cops.

Anonymous track man who released naked deceased images of Amanda Michelle Todd via twitter.

Canadian student Amanda Michelle Todd commits suicide after relentless bullying.

It seems now anonymous is now getting in the action of outing troll behavior too…

Anonymous the hacker group has named the identity of a 32 year old British Columbia man, Kody Maxson whom it claims posted topless picture of 15 year old Amanda Todd on the web leading to the girl to eventually commit suicide a few weeks after posting a 9 minute youtube video in which she sought help.

According to Todd the man who had posted pictures had attempted to blackmail her into putting on a private show for him or he would expose her. Resisting his demands the man then went on to create a Facebook page with a list of her friends and used her naked chest as a profile photo. The image then spread quickly amongst classmates who then went on to tease and bully her with the young girl then in an act of desperation deciding to take her own life.

The topless pictures came as a result of the young girl having gone on to an internet chat room when she was 12 in which she was convinced by the man to flash her breasts. In turn the man is then said to have  plastered pictures of her topless on Facebook a year later.

What makes the leaking of the individual’s name  perilous is the fact that he is now being hounded by Amanda Todd’s supporters (one wonders where they were when she appealed for help prior to her suicide), with Facebook pages now being created advising said individual to sleep with one eye open. It is even said that the man has also now received death threats.

At stake is the fact that the man is now being ‘judged’ by trial via the internet, bypassing the justice system and without having actually necessarily been proven to have done what he is accused of, irrespective if he is guilty or not. Furthermore what does not bode well is the fact that the man is now being subjected to a kind of punishment outside of the legal system by a group of individual’s who have no legal jurisdiction to administer such punishment whether he is guilty or not.

Reflects defense attorney Eric Gottardi: “The system isn’t supposed to convict someone before charges are laid, it’s not supposed to be judge, jury and executioner, all in the public forum. You know, we have a justice system. It’s supposed to work. It does work.”

As well as a video posted on to youtube, anonymous goes on to list the man they claim to behind Todd’s blackmail’s birth date and address, a dangerous precedent considering that the man is now being subjected to a kind of vigilante justice, which some might argue is only right given that he too (assuming he indeed take and post the pictures) acted in an untoward way towards Amanda Todd.

Anonymous have also gone on to tie his username to websites where he is said to have ‘blackmailed’ and given advice to young girls. Coincidently the same username is also tied to a website with a ‘jailbait’ photo gallery.

Wrote someone claiming to be an anonymous spokesperson to media outlet CTV News:

“We generally don’t like to deal with police first-hand, but were compelled to put our skills to good use protecting kids. Ironically, we have some good people in Vancouver who brought this to our admin’s attention. It’s a very sad story that affects us all.”

Media outlet CKNW have at present attempted to speak with the man identified by Anonymous with no success with neighbors describing the man’s home as a known party house on the weekend with lots of young women coming and going.

Said the outlet: No one is home, or answering the door at the man’s supposed address, even though lights are on inside.

At present Canadian authorities have refused to confirm whether Anonymous have the right man but Sergeant Peter Thiessen did tell the The Globe and Mail the following:

‘We are aware of what’s being posted online and certainly following up what we feel is important to follow up. ‘[Vigilantes] run the risk of committing a criminal offence.’

With respect to anonymous, the outlet have a reputation of outing corporate, financial and government bodies as well as having recently been tied to outing individuals in Mexican drug cartels which led to the outlet playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Perhaps though what makes its recent efforts particularly worrisome is the fact that the outlet is in essence behaving just as capriciously as the individual it has accused of blackmailing Todd, which raises questions as to how this type of ‘internet’ justice is to  exist side by side with our present legal system? Or is that to say anonymous is only attempting to address flaws within crime and punishment as well as the disturbing trend of exploiting minors via the web albeit in its own very special clandestine way….?

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  1. Yes LET’S get something straight here. First no one is condoning the initial behavior of Ms. Todd. However the behavior on the part of the scumbag who then attempted to blackmail Ms. Todd and then proceeded to trash her life when she refused to give in is nothing short of reprehensible. What I’m getting at here is that even though she did show her boobs off she should not have been put in the position she was put in due to the actions of some psychopathic scumbag.

    She made some bad choices – should she have been driven to suicide because of those particular choices?

    Why are you so quick to be so hard on Ms. Todd anyhow?

  2. No offense to the people who have ran with this story, but lets get a couple of things straight.

    Amanda was not tricked into flashing her boobs on web cam, she was doing it willingly. In fact Amanda continued her attention seeking behaviour until atleast 2010 to my knowledge (from a little research), constantly getting naked on multiple webchat services, even getting kicked off blogtalk/blogtalk because of this. In fact after being kicked off of blogtalk, she then moved over to 4cam.com, to continue essentially being a camwhore (a harsh term, but if the title fits).

    So lets not pretend that she was being bullied for showing people her boobs & that she was “all sad because her image was out there”. The intelligent reaction to shame that a photo of your boobs is out there on the internet, is not to go back onto web chat & get your boobs out some more.

    Amanda was likely suffering from an undiagnosed case of Histrionic Personality Disorder. In fact the symptoms of HPD are excessive need for approval and inappropriately seductive behavior, usually beginning in early adulthood Frankly Amanda didn’t kill herself because of what other people did, she killed herself because she could no longer take the lack of positive attention, which is par for the course for people with HPD.

    I hate to sound like an arse, but Amanda was her own worst enemy… As for the Anonymous member, who doxed the guy involved; you are the true scum of the world. Please stop white knighting & pay attention to what actually happened.

  3. Good question. I’m just reporting the news,not instigating it. But yes I was tempted to omit his name, but I have made the caveat in the article that this is all hearsay and has not been proven in a court of law. Best scallywag

  4. I should feel insecure about Anonymous group…but can’t say I do…I personally don’t have any secrets in my closet so what do I have to fear … kind of feel maybe safer that there’s people out there exposing the many evils of the people that we are taught to trust. At least even if they don’t always use their internet warfare for good…we get at least a little balancing out of good and evil. Let the hackers that are exposing the bad do what they have to do. They are no different than good cops actually doing their jobs. And the bad hackers…are they any different than the masses of bad cops?

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