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Source: Heidi Klum trusts and loves her bodyguard. Surprised by Seal’s accusations.

Martin and Heidi Klum


Martin Kirsten and Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum tells Katie Couric she never looked at another man whilst married to Seal.

Heidi Klum bodyguard and Seal have dramatic stare down.

Heidi Klum had been fornicating with bodyguard for months says Seal privately.

Heidi Klum: ‘Seal is after me cause he wants my money!’’

Seal does an about face: Says he never ‘implied’ that Heidi Klum cheated with the bodyguard..

Heidi Klum to Seal: ‘I didn’t cheat on you with the bodyguard!’

Heidi Klum would like to introduce her new boyfriend. Her bodyguard.

Seal would like to introduce you to his new bikini model girlfriend.

With revelations that Seal is now accusing his soon to be ex wife Heidi Klum of having an adulterous affair with the ‘hired help,’ Martin Kirsten, Heidi Klum’s bodyguard and Heidi in return denying the allegations an unnamed source has now come out to assert that Martin Kirsten is indeed ‘one of five people she trusts and loves and relies on.’

Continues the source according to hollywoodlife:

“Seal is upset that she’s moved on and is having a relationship with someone from their camp that he used to like and would have liked to have on his team,”

One can’t help but wonder if this is just clever double talk to deflect attention from Seal’s suspicions (well it doesn’t seem he suspects but reckons he knows) or the embarrassment that Seal’s impromptu comments (to tmz, see video below) may have caused her. Never mind pundits now wondering aloud about her credibility.

Continues the source: “Heidi is focusing on family and moving forward with her life. It’s her time to take care of her family. She’s not interested in going out dating and clubbing. ‘

Interesting. Why go clubbing for one’s new hawt bixch when they are already there?

Offers the source once again: “[Martin] knows her kids, he loves her kids, and the kids love him,” our source says. “It’s hard to find somebody to know your kids and who will care for your kids. It’s lonely to do it alone and have nobody who cares for your kids like you do. It’s awful that [Seal] is putting down the mother of his children in front of the children. It’s someone who’s a very angry person, not someone who has his kids’ interests in mind.”

According to hollywoodlife, their source is ‘also surprised by Seal’s accusations, because they seem totally out of character.’

Then again perhaps we should of reckoned something like this might be on the way after the couple were engulfed in a recent public spat that involved the licensing of images of their children, something that Seal gave the go ahead to before Heidi came after him like a bludgeon and had the images yanked off.

Seems like love don’t definitely live here anymore in this part of tinseltown….