Home Scandal and Gossip Seal would like to introduce you to his new bikini model girlfriend.

Seal would like to introduce you to his new bikini model girlfriend.

Is she Seal's new love interest?
Is she Seal's new love interest? Seal will take all the loving he can get thank you very much...

Heidi Klum definitely does not live here anymore bixches…

At the time of his break upto supermodel Heidi Klum, all Seal could say was that his ‘love had not waned one iota.’ That though may be pudding for the children as new photos have emerged of the superstar cavorting with a stunning mystery brunette off the coast of Sardinia on a luxury yacht.

Seen in various repose with the bikini babe who could easily be a model (and hardly a day over 25) the star makes little effort to hide his affection for his hawt new bicxh. If anything he remonstrates to her his physical prowess by practicising stealth boxing moves whilst later working out with gym equipment (you better work it girl!).

One can only imagine the 49 year old star wanted to impress upon her that despite what she may have read about his ass getting dumped from Heidi or not, he is still the hawt bixch where all bets are placed on.

No word yet as to the actual identity of the mystery brunette and whether this is just a casual fling or the beginning of a new adventure of our collective preferred hawt bixch…

via dailymail.co.uk

Staying fit is always important, especially when one is trying to impress a very hawt bixch to go.That's right Seal only 345 to go!
But when Seal was finished with his weights session he then went off to the next exercise regiment while his new mystery friend eagerly watched on...
Seal just can't help showing off while his new admirer watched on.
Seal certainly looks like he wants to impress his friend, and she seems to be enjoying his efforts. Hawt bixch.
Getting cozy there Seal with your new friend?





  1. another white woman for Seal? he is so stupid, because he´s ex-wife is dating a white male like her, and she is happy, so… why Seal does not find someone black too?

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