Home Scandal and Gossip Pierre Casiraghi demands Adam Hock retract statements.

Pierre Casiraghi demands Adam Hock retract statements.

Pierre Casiraghi
Pierre Casiraghi
Pierre Casiraghi
Pierre Casiraghi; 'Adam you bixch you said some means about me!'

Poor spoilt boys. Prince Pierre: ‘Take that shit back or I’ll sue your sorry ass Adam!’

The latest installment of me and my friends spilled my ego on a bruised dance floor finds Prince Pierre Casiraghi’s lawyer demanding that Adam Hock who the prince among some of his uber friends had an altercation with earlier this year at hot boite Double 7 demanding that Hock retract certain statements made to the press.

Page 6 who were somehow privy to such demands (yes them bixches are real good at the pr spin, oh well…) includes a whole check list of what Adam Hock must publicly repudiate:

Begins the dribble: “I am writing to demand that each of you issue retractions of all of your false statements . . . on your letterhead, in writing . . . My purpose is to deliver your retractions to the appropriate news outlets in an attempt to repair the damage you have done to the reputations of Mr. Roitfeld, Mr. Casiraghi and Mr. Marroquin.”

Oh dear. Time to mend some nasty bangs to my ego kids. And what’s on the Prince’s wish list?

The following statements have been demanded to be retracted as clarified by page 6:

“They expected to be treated like the royalty they are. They didn’t get what they wanted, and it pissed them off.” It also itemizes Strazzullo’s offending comments such as, “They threw the first punch,” and Tacopina’s quotes including, “They’re international bar brawlers. Paris, Belize, the US . . . These four are a bunch of self-entitled punks who don’t have anything better to do than spend their parents’ money.” And Tacopina’s comments about Princess Grace’s grandson Casiraghi, who had claimed his injuries forced him to take a month off work, “This poor kid who doesn’t work, couldn’t work for 30 days . . . I think what that means is that he couldn’t go to the club for a month.”

Adam Hock
Adam Hock to the Prince: 'You is a bixch Prince!'

Kids I’m not a lawyer but out of curiosity since when can someone make anyone repudiate a statement that they didn’t like said about them? Until further notice we still live in a democracy right? If you don’t like what you hear- turn the other cheek. If the shit affects your ability to make a living then sue for libel. Right? So can the Prince sue Adam cause Adam thinks the Prince can’t make it to his usual hot boites for 30 days. I know my tender ego is bleeding from the seams.

Retorts Adam Hock’s lawyer Sal Strazzullo:

“This lawyer has no basis to ask us to retract anything. If he wants to get a lesson in the law I will gladly give it to him.”

Isn’t it time you starred in your soon to be public pony show with broken egos, smashed vodka bottles and the aroma of a stale monkey that refuses to climb off your back?

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