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The curious case of Internet stalker and savage Brianne Chantal Patterson.

Brianne Chantal Patterson
Brianne Chantal Patterson
Brianne Chantal Patterson
Scumbag Brianne Chantal Patterson busted again

Brianne Chantal Patterson Internet stalker and cyber criminal impersonating celebrities, harrassing them and sometimes harassing bloggers too. What makes her tick? 

Since the drama of the Peter Facinelli he said she said has flared to scathing proportions this author has had a moment to reflect and dwell on the conundrum otherwise known as Brianne Patterson who may go by the alias Candace Patterson (which many suspect to be her real name) to Anne Chantal and who can really be sure what else, when it serves her to fabricated some new tragedy that she inserts herself in.

With respect to the Peter Facinelli case, Ms Patterson (see that’s easier) was insistent that she had the lowdown on a certain Hollywood actor, Twilight star Peter Facinelli who’s marriage to Jennie Garth was on the rocks. She of all people knew why. Cause yes you guessed it. He was having an affair with her!

Interestingly the actor’s marriage in fact did implode with the couple going to press to affirm that in fact their marriage was over not even 24 hours after we published our article. It was soon after that Ms Patterson next began insisting that it was all because the actor had had an affair (as it turns out according to Ms Patterson to herself no doubt) before the actor’s legal counsel eventually set forth a cease and desist to this journal and a plea for retraction (the publisher to date remains of the opinion that he was only exploring legitimate questions pertinent to greater wider public interest).

Text communications between the publisher and Ms Brianne Patterson

This then led to Ms Patterson without consulting this publisher rummaging through the back end of this website in a desperate attempt to destroy all her articles on the subject (which strikes this publisher as highly suspect when until a moment ago you were giddily insisting that all the above was true) and then writing blog reports on her own personal blog now asserting that it had been this publisher all along who had forced her to write hit pieces on the actor that in hindsight can only be described as parody at the expense of a Hollywood actor as well as this publisher who both may or may not one day find the ability to laugh this all off.

Who may not be able to laugh this all of is Ms Patterson who unfortunately for her has once again been outed as a bully, internet stalker and vengeful mobster of the internet (see below)who possesses an unreal ability to inject herself in any celebrity drama as it unfolds by any means necessary never mind the ethics that journalism demands (which is precisely why this journal had to fire her).

In the end one can only issue a public warning with respect to Ms Patterson as she is the pariah of the internet (an opinion shared by too many it seems over many years of her actively picking fights) and in this publisher’s opinion a vengeful, malicious and manipulative schemer who lives in a land of self narrated delusion which she corrects via photo shopping, harassing, constant editing and re editing and intimidation when said events dont conveniently match with her fabricated and spiteful delusions. Hardly the things that ought to make bloggers proud and happy that she is amongst us. Best of luck Peter, and may peace and karma bring you stead.

A sampling of comments and instances where this troubled young woman has been exposed for her horrid ways lie below, see what you think….

The ripoff report you speak of was written by no one other that Ms. Patterson pretending to be Holly. You would have to ask Ms. Patterson for the log in information to get it removed.Holly has never!!! said or would ever say to be one of Your reporters, Again ask Ms. Patterson. As for the first time I met Ms. Patterson in a pm trying to give me a non existent Video in a pm which I called her out on, I too as many others did was to Google her name and found out what kind of person she was. I would think that an editor of a online magazine would have done the same and found out what kind of person he was about to employ.Lets face it, Ms. Patterson has had her share of run ins with people before she was in your employment. The minute you start to believe one word that comes out of her mouth is the time that what ever credibility you have goes right down the drain with her.

This is GREAT! Just wait Scallywag, I guarantee her next move will be to threaten you with a lawsuit. That’s how she rolls with everyone. She’ll tell you her lawyers will be in contat with you. The girl is a nutcase, and needs to be taken down! I’m sorry you found out the hard way, but at least you’re aware now of the crazy person she really is.

This woman, dating back to the early 2000’s, has harassed people on the internet. So much so she has been banned from ISP’s in the past. I am from the KCE and I too have been targeted by annechantal/brianne/Candace once upon a time. Her escapades date back to running a fake kelly clarkson twitter account (before kelly had one) and before racking up 40k in followers, then personally targeting individual members of the KCE forum under the guise of kelly clarkson.

She has also personally harassed individual members of Kelly Clarkson’s band, and her friends and family. So much so that a band member has personally contacted members of the KCE to say that if she makes any attempt to approach them or attend a concert, should they ever tour in her area, she will be banned and stewards/security will have her photo. To top it all off, she has personally obtained HACKED fiiles from Kelly Clarksons computer, as she was in contact with DJ Stolen himself (the guy who hacked gaga, kelly, etc) and has photo’s, etc.

She has made other vicious attacks against people, and there are two KCE members currently in talks with their lawyers to make a case against her for serious harassment, as they now have her personal details from a false DMCA claim she made on Youtube which she foolishly used her home address and real name for. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’s about to get SERVED. Oh and there was also a lulzy drama which she implicated herself in, involving Sam Lutfi, google it.

I believe this woman has a serious mental disorder, and will spend her time on the internet attaching herself to the “most recent” cleebrity scandal, and will implicate herself in them as much as she can, if she cannot she will do whatever else she can to make herself known, and that usually involves harassing the celebrity herself, or the fans. Some people would not usually dare to mess with this woman or grab her buy the horns, but I am waiting for the day she gets served summons by some poor celebrity she has seriously defames. Here is hoping Peter Facinelli’s lawyer picks up on this, if they already have. Candace baby, your days are numbered.

Then she has lied to the police, because her name is Candace Patterson. This is against the law, obviously, even in Canada. So please contact the local station in Burnaby BC and assist them in making sure she does not get away with lying to the police.

An Addendum:

As a journalist, there is (almost) no greater high than uncovering and exposing a great story; especially one that seems far too outrageous to be true. Take for example the, literal, web of deceit that has been spun by (Candace) Brianne Patterson (http://radionewz.net/2012/02/b… throughout the internet over the past few years.
Patterson, a 25-year-old Canadian, fan-girl-gone-wild/self-proclaimed ‘journalist,’ is what 11-year-old internet phenom, Jessi Slaughter, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v… would have become in ten years.

Notorious for bad behavior on the web, as far back as 2003, (http://www.webhostingtalk.com/…, she’s got many concerned browsers asking, “What the fxck is up with this girl?” Her most recent victim, Scallywag and Vagabond, we hope will be her last. Let this be a word of warning for all that may just happen to browse one of her many name: Just Stay Away.

Google Brianne Patterson, and you will see a search paged littered with questionable behavior; or what some have referred to as a ‘colorful internet past.’ Any of the following (multiple personalities) aliases will provide you more information on this elusive being; Anne Chantal, Brianne Chantal, Candace Patterson, serves plenty of hits on, the very same girl who, for clarity’s sake, we’ll call Brianne. It’s when you type “crazy” next to those names, however, that’s when the search results start getting really good.

We won’t bore you with what you can find said by Kelly Clarkson (http://kcfandomsekrits.tumblr…. about her.

Or what Holly Briley (http://thatsonecrazycanadianbi… and The Truth About Brianne (http://candacepatterson.blogsp… blogs wants you to know.

Oh, yea, and The Dirty, (http://thedirty.com/2011/03/di… too.

We won’t go into detail about her pretending to attend The Grammys that Scallywag never sent her to; we’ll let her Tweets below speak for themselves:


We will, however, advise you: don’t think you’ll never have the misfortune of running into Ms. Brianne Chantal, Whoever She Is. As fate would have it, this author, within just a few weeks’ time, discovered two bizarre first-person connections to this lovely Canadian lass herself; proving that no matter when in the world you are, the World Wide Web, is unsettlingly small.

Casey Anthony stalker Brianne Patterson sought by FBI.

Scumbag Brianne Chantal Patterson busted again:

Peter Facinelli purported lover is fired for refusing to out herself.

Breaking: Peter Facinelli files for divorce whilst Jennie Garth pleads to save marriage.

The curious case of Internet stalker and savage Brianne Patterson.

Peter Facinelli purported lover is fired for refusing to out herself.

Peter Facinelli’s mystery woman said to be very much in love with him.

Blind item suggests Peter Facinelli porked fellow Twilighter

EXCLUSIVE: Mystery woman opens up about alleged affair with Peter Facinelli

Peter Facinelli now denies affair ever took place

Peter Facinelli affair took place with wife’s consent at downtown Sheraton Vancouver hotel

BREAKING: Peter Facinelli lover steps up and reveals he had an affair

BREAKING: Peter Facinelli & Jennie Garth divorcing



  1. Her email to me….
    Brianne Patterson (redacted)@gmail.com 4:37 PM (20 minutes ago)

    Your harassment, along with your IP address and slander has been forwarded to RCMP as well as my lawyer. Enjoy!

  2. Google the name Candace Patterson + Crazy. This person has so many aliases….

    Holly Briley (allegedly involved with release of Casey Anthony videos and pictures post jail)

    Brianne Chantal

    Amelia Sobel

    Brianna Patterson

    etc etc etc

    She used to be a ‘writer’ for Scallywagandvagabond.com. Thanks to helpful tipsters, the website was informed of her fabricated resume.

    She has a history of stalking and involving herself in celebrity drama. Most recently, claiming to have had an alleged affair with Peter Facinelli. This girl continues to post on twitter, blogs, etc., despite being outted as a blatant liar, fabricator and delusional psycho.


    http://twitter.com/#!/briannechantal (aka Amelia Sobel)


    These links are just a drop in the bucket.


    I posted this on:


    She published my other comments, but not this one.

    As I told her, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know 😉

  3. Expose her and warn everyone that nobody is safe while this creature still has access to the internet. Someone needs to take away her rights to go online.

  4. and most people who have been consistently and ferociously attacked by someone don’t consider conspiring with them to ‘take down’ organization… just saying.

  5. I can honestly say I did not love or adore all of the lies you’ve printed about me..since January of this year, all the defamatory stories you published without verifying one thing or even asking me for comments. Yes, you may cite the first amendment all you want, but that does not excuse the way you jumped on lies written about me and re-printed and linked here. No, that is inexcusable and hurtful. Even now when you know they were just that … lies, you refuse to pull them down or retract using the lame excuse you believed them at the time. Shoddy work and very poor form.

  6. I cannot help but laugh at how you call Brianne a stalker. She is harmless compared to Stalker Sarah. Look her up! Do an article on that crazy bitch.

  7. Firstly, the article itself should not be judged by my comment. Yes, I agree that Ms. Patterson could have very well been an unfortunate victim of medical malpractice, but that said, as an intelligent and thoughtful person, which your response shows you to be, I can safely bet when you judge the character of a person, you base your opinion on the both past and present behaviors. Ms. Patterson’s behavior of internet deviance, spanning more than a decade, in my humble opinion warrants the idea that it was a cry for attention, that like so many things about her that too is ‘fake’. And just like any sort of journalism in today’s society, from the NYT to this very entity, the overall picture must be probed with an ultimate decision made by the reader.

    There was little malice in commenting that link, it was much more wonderment, could someone really take it that far?

    In terms of defaming Ms. Patterson, I think we can safely say she has sullied that reputation very well on her own before this journal ever knew she existed. Her brazen disregard for any sort of decorum is, to say the very least, unsettling. Not to mention, her own history of defaming celebrities, as far back as Britney Spears bodyguard Sam Lufti in 2008, and Kelly Clarkson for years, shows she is far from hurt by this reputation, she absolutely craves it, and as it seems, lives vicariously through it.

    Lastly, I have and will never support bullying, but in this case, I believe wholeheartedly there should be repercussion for a decade of harassment on Ms. Patterson’s part. The internet is public record and she has willingly created her own history there. She is not 15 she is 25 and should be held responsible for her actions. This information on here was all there to find before it was published, now its all in one place. Instead of worrying about Ms. Patterson’s feelings over this, by her own before blog posts she seems just fine, it is my sincere hope that this article will prevent someone else from having to deal with such a malicious and self serving individual in the future.

  8. I believe Holly and Brianne’s online personas may be different than their offline personas, and at this point I believe they both know more than they’re saying and know more people than they let on (maybe they both in fact know Ms. Anthony and Mr. Facinelli) Surely you know by now that celebrities publicists and counsel are always quick to deny things like video leaks and affair rumors. Maybe these two work for those individuals. Just because they’re bitches on the Internet doesn’t mean they don’t possibly have some kind of power that we don’t know about, so be careful Scallywag. This could turn out to bite you in the end.

  9. I do agree I also don’t see whether Ms Patterson staged an emergency at a local hospital (like you I read the article) and I also agree how exactly did Ms Patterson obtain her information and why was she in such a rush to pilfer this website by illegally attempting to hack content that was the property of this website, even if it had been written by her when she caught wind that the actor’s legal counsel had reached out to me.

    I haven’t been able to get to the bottom of these answers which is why I chose to publish an ancillary article that might bring forward some of these answers.

    With respect to Ms Patterson and her nemesis Holly Briley being irrelevant and vindictive creatures on the web in the grand scheme of things I agree. But the difference I believe with exploring what these two get up to (even if you may think they are irrelevant and what not most people care about) is how their behavior and actions inform us of the dialectics and dynamics of the world wide web.

    So for that I am certainly intrigued and that is why I also chose to publish articles on these two (you must admit they both have an amazing history of somehow getting their hands on dirt that seasoned bloggers are not able to) , as to their actual character, yes it is questionable if they are necessarily loved and adored (but perhaps one could say that about any journal, blogger, presence on the web?) and if they do commit suicide that would be a shame but I doubt it- and really the wearing down of their ego may be the price they both have to pay as the wider public is allowed to understand how people like Ms Patterson especially exists and why it helps to understand where social media is going. I am sorry if you disapprove of the journal reporting on Ms Patterson, but judging from the figures, our readers are in fact very very intrigued as to how this person rolls and the consequences this has for blogging. All food for thought….

  10. What does that web article prove other than she was given a wrong medication? No where does it say she faked it. This is just a rehash of the first article and nothing but hearsay. You trashed Peter Facinelli just like you’re trashing this girl and trashing multiple other celebs on this website. I still don’t understand how Brianna knew about the divorce before the rest of the media, so who in camp PFach is feeding her info is what needs to be investigated. Who does she know and what isn’t she saying? What about Peter’s recent reconciliation with his wife? Instead you write about things and persons that no one cares about, ie: Holly Briley and Brianna aka Candace. You call yourself a journalist but instead you bully and defame these people to the point where you could very well wind up being responsible for the suicides of the individuals names above. I have seen Internet bullying and this is it at its finest. Now I am not defending Holly or Brianna, they have attitudes and need to keep their egos in check but there are far worst people you could be “reporting” on .. and I use the term reporting loosely. You call these folks staplers but you’re doing exactly what you accuse them of doing by stalking them yourself. Pot, meet kettle.

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