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PETA: “Very disturbed” by Kelly Clarkson’s birthday plans


PETA has lashed out at Kelly Clarkson and the recent news that she plans on celebrating her 30th birthday with her boyfriend, Brandon Blackstock, by turkey hunting.

In an e-mail we just received from Jenny Woods, Senior Communications Administrator at PETA, she says they are “very disturbed” by Clarkson’s choice to celebrate her birthday by slaughtering an animal.

This wouldn’t be the first time the American Idol has landed herself in hot-water with the organization, either. Back in 2009 Kelly was slated to perform at the Calgary Stampede in Alberta, Canada. However, after backlash, quickly dropped out, stating she was an “animal lover” and thought rodeos were cruel. PETA responded by saying they were tickled pink by her choice to ditch her performance.

So if rodeos are cruel, wouldn’t you think killing a turkey is cruel too, Kelly?

You can listen to Kelly discuss her turkey slaughtering birthday plans in the video below at the 4:00 mark.


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  1. My God!!! Can you people find nothing else to rag on Kelly Clarkson? Are you a vegetarian? If not, what is the difference between you going out to the grocery store and buying a turkey and her going out and hunting one. Both will be eaten, neither will be wasted and if it wasn’t for hunter-gatherers the brain you use to hate on people would be much, much smaller. There are a lot worse things she could be doing than hunting. Good for her and I hope she has fun and bags a good size turkey!

  2. I love Kelly. I am not into hunting, but it is something that people have been doing since the beginning of mankind. At least they are going to eat it. I guess there is not a difference between hunting and eating it or going to the grocery store and then eating it. I love eating turkey so I am not judging anyone.

  3. Kelly has been my favorite singer for about 7 years and I can honestly say she just hit an all time low for me. The fact that she labels herself a “animal lover” and someone against cruelty yet here she is going to celebrate her birthday by killing a turkey. I agree with PETA and I’m so sick of people thinking it’s not a big deal to kill another animal and animals lovers are “too sensitive.” Don’t hate on people and groups like PETA who actually fight against cruelty to animals who show unconditional love and don’t judge a person for who they are- what a messed up world.

  4. I just want to start by saying, I am a vegetarian and I have no problem with Kelly hunting…also, I think PETA is acting ridiculously. Hunting, if done correctly, is the most humane way–for someone who eats meat– to get meat from an animal. Yes, it would be nice if no one ate meat, but that’s not realistic….at least this way the animal lives it’s life in the wild and its life is usually taken quickly. It’s not like she’s killing it to wear…she’s going to eat it, like the meat she eats every day. Except, this time, it’s humane. I don’t see them sending a statement saying, “I find it ‘very disturbing’ she’s eating that” every time she has a hamburger. Get real PETA…there’s a reason no one takes you seriously.

  5. I’m “very disturbed” by the so-called “journalism” in this article. Someone send the author back to an English class, please?

  6. Kelly Clarkson is one smart gurl, hunting her meat so it’s fresh and organic. Those frozen turkeys are loaded with hormones and unhealthy crap

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