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“Goodnight my angel, sleep tight.” Family and friends say a final farewell to Amy Winehouse.


Daily Mail

Mitch Winehouse in his eulogy added that in his opinion his daughter, Amy, had been more content than she had been in years. Which on the surface might sound contradictory given the media’s consistent coverage of her public faux pas and blemishes. A type of off stage acting that somehow had fed into Amy Winehouse’s greater appeal and performance as an artist. From there, Mitch Winehouse paid tribute to the many people who had been part of his daughter’s life.

A small gathering, it was reported only 150 guests had been invited to the funeral, one has to wonder how in some way each and every one of those guests alongside so many of us here outside of those ceremonial grounds could have reached over and given Amy Winehouse a solemn hug and danced the night away with her as opposed to other dastardly deeds that we are all so often capable of abusing and taking to the extreme.

Troubled star Amy Winehouse observed to have bought a lethal mix of Special K, ecstasy and cocaine the night prior to her death.»

Amy Winehouse, at age 27 found dead at her North London home.


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