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Couple leave toddler in car alone in sweltering heat to go to strip club, only to complain themselves when arrested and placed in police car.


If you had a choice between watching a strip show or watching over your child- which one would you choose?

dailymail.co.uk: A couple who allegedly left their son in a hot car while they were inside a strip club later complained about the heat of the police car they were being driven away in, a Kentucky court has heard.

The fun started after emergency services received a phone call about a young boy being left un-attended in a car in sweltering heat. Left alone because the parents decided it would probably be an inconvenience bad form to bring their child to the strip club.

When officers arrived at the scene, around 11pm, they saw a Chevy Impala parked where the caller had said, and the boy inside. He was crying and sweating and in distress.

But that’s not the way the boy’s mother, who happens to work at the strip club called it:

The court heard that at that point, 43-year-old Laura Diprimo, listed as the child’s mother and employed by the club, allegedly ran out of the strip club and jumped in the car, lowering the windows.

It is an assertion that Diprimo denied at a preliminary court hearing. She claims that she was with the boy at all times and was in the car when the police arrived, insisting: ‘I did not leave my son in the car.’

The father for his part, Thomas Lee, who was supposed to be home arrest (does that surprise anyone?) who instead was at the strip club attested that he deeply loved his son and would never have left his son unattended.

Does it really surprise anyone that children sometimes grow up the way they do? One can only wonder how this young boy will grow up….

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