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Anthony Weiner has finally thrown in the towel.


Another politician bites the dust.

‘It was never meant to be,’ might be the adage that one can use pursuant to Anthony Weiner offering his immediate resignation this afternoon amongst hecklers at a press conference.This coming a week after the congressman insisted he had not had inappropriate online relationships, later recanting to admit that he indeed had had such relationships and that netherless he would not be resigning. Which is to say, this week has probably been the longest one Mr Weiner has ever had to face after having suddenly become the parriah of the Democratic party who were all too quick to push him out the back front door.

huffpo: Today I am announcing my resignation from congress so my colleagues can get back to work, my neighbors can choose a new representative, and most importantly, that my wife and I can continue to heal from the damage I have caused.” The pair married less than a year ago, in July 2010.

At the heart of the matter, the question arose whether Mr Weiner’s indiscretions which included twittering images of his penis to young women should force him to step aside?  As is often the matter, constituents argued that Mr Weiner’s actions although unsavory where between the privacy of himself and his wife. And of course the receivers of his twits, which included porn stars.

Although some argue had Mr Weiner instead of lying and covering up his actions admitted from the outset to his indiscretions he may have saved himself from public persecution and ridicule. Something that may have exacerbated the disillusionment many felt within the Democratic party who could no longer stand by and support what by now had degenerated into a 3 act pony show, with Mr Weiner playing the starring role of a half naked bleating pony, with the media co starring as the twichy whipping boy.

At present Mr Weiner has offered no clues as to what is next except to say he intends to do everything to save his marriage to Huma Abedin.

All of which makes us wonder, how much responsibility does a politician owe the public when it comes to revealing what s/he does behind closed doors? Or to take it a step further how much does anyone need to let others know what they are up to in their private time (assuming of course they are not using public forums such as tweeter as Mr Weiner was)?

So much for positions in public office.

Anthony Weiner’s wife returns only to find him doled up in lube oil and a panty hose.

Anthony Weiner finally wants to show you his erection.



  1. If you do not masterbate almost every day, even if you are married, then you are a girl. I masterbate twice a day just to keep from killing somebody. Nevertheless, I am not a congressman in charge of a whole lot of Christian’s (around 80%) Constitutional worries. Education. Jobs. Family. Jobs. Jobs. Did I say Jobs? The way things are going in our world today with marriage and the single life, I’m surprised I’m not drowning in cum. Nevertheless, Mr. Weiner, you have reneged on your political life for being an ignorant married douche-bag. Pure and simple. My advice to your wife… say goodbye to this prima donna. You are an embarrassment to your gender Mr. Wiener. Posting photos on the internet? You ignorant, hairless, Darwinian monkey!!

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