Home Scandal and Gossip Anthony Weiner finally wants to show you his erection.

Anthony Weiner finally wants to show you his erection.


Oh dear, I think I’m going to gag you bitches.

Life is getting very very surreal for Anthony Weiner. And of course we all know why or to be precise we can all now see why. And if you really want to see what the fuss is all about, and notice how ‘rigid’ the bitch is then you know where to click– cause Andrew is holding it jam packed for your utmost attention.

gawker: Nobody really expected the week to end without Anthony Weiner’s penis splashed all over the internet. And here it is: Andrew Breitbart showed a couple of radio DJs a picture of what is likely Anthony Weiner’s dick, then they leaked it on Twitter.

Oh dear, them bitches leaked it to twitter? Drats. Does that now mean we will forever have a vivid impression of what it actually means to be that pony boy called Anthony Weiner going very quickly down the chute? And by the way- what was he thinking when he decided to shoot that load into cybersphere ?(pun intended).

And of course you know radio shock jocks Opie and Anthony were just trying to do an honest day’s labor when they finagled a picture of Anthony’s weiner whilst Andy was there in the studio waving it in front of some rigged video camera. After all how can you refuse the public from getting what it duly wants?- that is Anthony’s head on a silver platter. Hmm- the puns are coming thick and fast today (is that another pun too?).

In the end what can one say, just another disagreeable inconvenience that will be forgotten by the next long weekend and if we’re lucky Weiner will be offered a reality show called- ‘How to offend and lie with aplomb until you are eventually forced to break down in public. Smile you’re on jackass camera!’

Anyway Anthony, you’re a brave man- just a shame about all them bitches doing you in, but then again you started this shit fest.