Home Pop Culture A helpful guide of Global Cocaine Prices.

A helpful guide of Global Cocaine Prices.


What will it cost you to get high in your part of the world?

How much is it gonna cost you to get high in your new host city?

Just in case you wanted to know (as if), the United Nations have come up with a chart of what blow is going to cost you anywhere in the world by the gram. Looking up and down the chart will find some interesting revelations, such as blow in the US going for $120 per gram. Personally I’m not too sure if that’s entirely too accurate cause my last room mate always used to try and sell it to me (I know, don’t ask- it’s a long story) for $40 a gram. Another aside, I don’t see a price point for Australia, but I swear, the last time I was there, some madman was hawking it for $400 a gram in the toilets while I was taking a piss.

(which probably means authorities are doing a good job keeping it out of the country unlike here in the US and western Europe, never mind the UK).

Anyway, have a look at the chart and remember to budget accordingly…


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  • Anonymous

    where ever you live it will go up after a few nights on a town with Scally, the price will increase due to lack of supply

  • Just remember to sniff responsibly….

  • LaLa

    Thanks for the guide!

    Now I know what to pay when I go abroad!

  • Here’s a much more comprehensive list of cocaine prices from around the world.


    It appears that New Zealand and Australia have the highest prices in the world for cocaine.

    Check out the prices section for more illegal drug prices, like marijuana and heroin. Fascinating stuff.