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Scientists set to develop cannabis like drugs to relieve pain without the high.


Can you tell the oxymoron a mile away?

Here’s something that might have a few of you wincing this morning:

newscientist: An ingenious set of experiments has teased apart the mind-altering and pain-relieving effects of the main component of cannabis. This could open the way to cannabis-like drugs that provide pain relief without causing unwanted highs.

Excuse me for wondering out loud- but isn’t the whole point of all this ‘good shit’ so I could get high in the first place?

Cannabis is taken as a painkiller – to dull pain in cancer for example – but it can produce unpleasant side effects such as hallucinations and impaired mobility.

I don’t know about you, but the impaired mobility is sometimes the highlight of my day, and hallucinations- who doesn’t mind the occasional dragon wondering up and down the stairwell?

The study, by Li Zhang of the US National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, counters that THC (the active component in cannabis) is able to dull pain by binding to receptors for the neurotransmitter glycine—which is to say that it’s painkiller function is separable from its hello goodnight function that so many of you enjoy, which acts on cannabinoid type-1 receptors. By neutralizing receptors in the brain, Li Zhang speculates one can hypothetically receive the benefits of the drug without it negative side effects. Never mind that most people use cannabis exactly for these side effects….

Which begs the ultimate question, what good is a drug if it doesn’t get you high, but then again at least going forward you will be spared the sight of little goblins crawling up and down your sleeve- assuming you can live without your fuzzy goblin cheering you up…

  • joebob this is dumb

    wowwww hullucinations??? shit man i;ve been smoking weed for about 4 years and my tolerence is REALLY strong, there are no such things as hullucinations or impared mobility unless ur already in a wheelchair and the you LSD you took kicked in while you were smoking. dont let the government fool you, cannabis is a miracle plant that has been shown to reduce the size of tumors. i only wish my dad had smoked before he passed away from pancreotic cancer, i truly believe it would have helped…

  • medicaluser

    Some of the best times I have had so far this year while dealing with my chronic pain inducing illnesses has been while on cannabinol (a chemical component of cannabis) infused edibles that got rid of my pain without getting me noticably high. During those few hours I was able not to feel pain while sober from medications(vicodin, valium, etc) or weed. Unfortunately with medical marijuana (especially in California), access and affordability of these sorts of medicines is difficult due to demand being placed on the strains and routes of administration that “fuck you up” the most. I can always find some sort of Kush to help but never a really decent strain for chronic pain.

    The work these scientists are doing will eventually bring serious help to millions of people who suffer without end because of limited access to effective painkilling medications. Frankly, as Shlogan said above, it is naive and thoughtless opinions like those held by the blogger that have been limiting this important research in the first place.


  • Dude

    Many Cannabis users “juice” it, like you would wheat grass,carrot’s etc. ingesting this way does not get you high, many people say it is beneficial for what ails them.

  • Shlogan

    God forbid people actually use marijuana medically…. The craziness of it, people who want pain management but would also like to be sober, thats just outrageous! I had similar frustrations when they put levomethamphetamine in nasal inhalers instead of the much more enjoyable dextromethamphetamine.
    This is retarded and only goes to show most “medical” marijuana supporters could give two shits out how “medical” marijuana is.