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Have you tried the molotov cocktail at Burger King yet?


We propose Chicago’s West Humboldt Park Burger King amend their catchphrase “Have it your way,” after this weekend’s almost-disaster.

Micheal Tucker, a resident of West Humboldt Park, was charged with attempted arson and witness harassment after he allegedly threw a lit Motolov cocktail in the drive-thru window of his neighborhood Burger King.

Huffington Post: Police say that 31-year-old Michael Tucker ran up to the window on Saturday and tossed the lit explosive inside. He then allegedly followed a 52-year-old witness home, telling her, “I told you to get back in your car and drive away,” the Chicago Tribune reports.

Police are unsure if the gasoline bomb was lit or inert when Michael Tucker launched it into the burger palace. They also have yet to establish any motive for Tucker’s crime.

Perhaps he liked his burgers a bit more flame-broiled?

Surveillance cameras apparently captured Tucker attempting the arson, and police were able to track him down a few blocks away, according to Hispanically Speaking News. He is currently being held on a $450,000 bond.

Hmm, we wonder; how many Whoppers could Michael Tucker buy with that?