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Female Reporter Barred from Masters Locker Room


Female reports find themselves in a frenzy today after news has surfaced of one of their own being denied access to the men’s locker room this past Sunday, following the completion of golf’s Super Bowl- The Masters.

CNNTara Sullivan, a reporter with The Bergen (New Jersey) Record, tried to join other reporters Sunday evening in the club’s locker room to interview Rory McElroy, a 21-year-old from Northern Ireland who gave up a big lead at the close of the four-day competition. But a security guard said she couldn’t come in because she was a woman.

Officials at the male-only Augusta National Golf club claim this was merely a misunderstanding, and Ms. Sullivan should have been allowed access, but were they on to something here?

“(The guard) said it’s sort of this open bathroom area,” Sullivan said. “I said, ‘Yeah, like every professional locker room I go into.'”

I’m all for the gender equality, but is it not a bit absurd to have female reporters hovering around towel-wearing athletes after an event? It’s not as if they’re curing cancer while combing back their freshly-conditioned hair, why not hold off and catch up with them once everyone’s ‘decent’?

Not to mention these aren’t exactly the most pious individuals they’re attempting to cover, and cases of  harassment pop up with high frequency.

Let’s let the athletes cool off, gel up the hair and throw on a nice suit before we interrogate them.

The powers that be claim misunderstanding, but did they inadvertently stumble upon sound logic?

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  • Men in? Women out? This is what you advocate? Surely you jest. She has a job to do just like the men. She should have equal access. All in or all out. It’s only fair.