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UCLA student who posted racist video quits school


Please ‘Use American Manners.’

So much for manners one could argue of Alexandra Wallace, the peroxide bimbo look alike UCLA student who has spent the last week dodging a public outcry (never mind the death threats) against her pursuant to her youtube posting(it’s a beauty- and yes, it will make you shamelessly giggle in disbelief) where she went on the offensive against what she claims to be the hordes of Asian students who infiltrate the school library, have their mothers and grand-pa’s drop by on the weekends to do their laundry and who fail to use ‘American manners.’

In the end Ms Wallace has opted to drop out of UCLA and issue a public apology

newser: “I would do anything to take back my insensitive words…but I know they wouldn’t erase the video from your memory, nor would they act to reverse my inappropriate action,” she wrote to the Daily Bruin. Earlier, school officials announced they would take no disciplinary action. “We have uncovered no facts to lead us to believe the student code of conduct was violated,” said a spokesman.

Somehow we aren’t entirely convinced of the public apology, but that said something tells us she’s bound to become the next b grade bikini strutting reality actress bringing greater America attention to all the things that supposedly ail it. But then again who needs a degree when you can peddle smut?



  1. sergey, the largest demographic among the ucla student body are asians. if you want to tell someone to assimilate, tell that to alexandra. going to ucla & hating asians is almost as stupid as going to a black college & hating african americans.

  2. She is not a racist, just fed up with people who don’t want to fit in. Unfortunately, she used two cliches that derive from traditions of classic anti-Asian bigotry. The first was to refer to them as hordes, which has echoes of the “yellow peril” demonization. The second was the use of that mock Chinese term “ching chong.” To someone who doesn’t know her, that can come across as virulently racist.

  3. Chinese immigrants were builders of the American Transcontinental Railroad, but no Chinese were present in the Transcontinental Railroad Celebration Photo upon its completion. However, European immigrant railroad builders are clearly visible in that celebration photo. Think about the exclusion of Chinese in that Transcontinental Railroad Celebration Photo and today’s racism against the Chinese Americans in America!

  4. what it is, u said ALL that i wanted to say. seriously. but one thing is i dont think she was being racist. shes just dumb. like, she’s ignorant. that’s it i think. and also a little prejudiced. like, idk, it’s a mix of ignorance and racism. but more ignorance u know?

    ben, YES, THANK YOU! im an asian myself and i was offended, although i knew she was just a dumb blond.

  5. i don’t want to hear “not racist” from americans. the people she offended can be the judge of that.

  6. @Sergey Nikolayev

    why is it that when people goes to america . . white americans want the foreigners to talk and act exactly like them ???

    but when they go to other countries .. they ask “you speak english?” and still want the people to talk and act exactly like them and not assimilate with the country they’re in . .

    whenever i hear “you speak english??” . . i’d really like to reply “uu . . pero ari ka di sa lugar namon . . ka-hambal ka ya sng hiligaynon ??” (yes . . but you are in my country . . so can you speak hiligaynon?[my local dialect])

    but i’m too polite being an asian to do such a thing . . you see, in my country we don’t insult other races by their actions

  7. What she said is true although not very nice. It’s not racist; she’s expressing a sincere irritation at a studying impediment. It’s a cultural difference – she’s not talking about ethnicities, she’s talking about the cultural differences of geographic Asians. If you go to any University in Canada that has a high proportion of Asians and there’s a few (I went to one) you will see the same things she mentioned, although I’ve never been annoyed if a student’s family comes on the weekend. A compounding problem for her is that she had very bad timing because of the tsunami. I’ve been annoyed by some of the same things she has mentioned such as library chatter and sometimes the chatter comes from Asians and yes it’s more annoying if they are speaking a different language because you can’t even eavesdrop and it just sounds like noise. I suppose I would be equally annoyed if instead of Asians they were Norwegians because I can’t speak that language either but again as she similarly stated that she can’t recall instances of Americans talking loudly on cell phones in libraries, I don’t have one memory of very loud Norwegians. I remember one instance where this guy in the cubicle right in front of me was yakking away and he had a british accent. When he stood up I was ready to give him a glare. Coincidentally, I don’t know, but ethnically he was Asian (but he spoke with a british accent). Another reason why Asians tend to be the ones with cell phones – and again this is just a fact of life – the Asians that are attending universities like UCLA and prestigious Universities in Canada pay International fees and at least in Canada, many came from Hong Kong and now live in Canada. The people that can afford to move and enroll in Universities are sufficiently wealthy and therefore cell phones. To be fair, in other instances, I’ve also been annoyed by white people talking in the library (although usually to another person in the library) so perhaps a statistical study should be done. I know my school now has “no cell phone” signs.

  8. Sergey, I doubt u came to america to assimilate with the natives right? Afterall, they are the original Americans!

  9. Sergey you are so funny. Judging from your last name i assume that your ethnicity is not american. This means some relatives of your family must have kept their culture and traditions even if they are in America. So i’m assuming u’d wanna kick some of your relatives out of America lol.

  10. Oh, and if she wanted something done about the Asian people talking in the library she should’ve told them to be quiet or to leave the library. Pretending to be polite doesn’t do anything productive, if anything it just encourages their behaviour. So in some way, it’s her fault for not speaking up.

  11. I didn’t detect any levels of racism worth nothing but I found her video unnecssary and a waste of time. SHE clearly did not assimlate. She didn’t get the whole .. “American, I don’t care about death threats I will do whatever is “right” in my mind” attitude.

  12. Sergey u could be as bad as her ur just not as stupid to put a rant on youtube what she did was racist especially when she called asians rude with her american politeness comment and the imitation of asians speaking when u go to america u people like to assimilate but guess what not everyone assimilates it doesn’t work like that trust me if u go to a place like china u’ll still act like an american. people have a right to keep there culture and just because the U.S is afraid of change doesn’t mean it can force the removal of culture from other races

  13. I don’t see anything relevant to racism. If you came to America, assimilate!
    If you cannot, go away.

    Insert swearwords in right places by yourself!

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