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Teenager arrested for killing little brother’s hamster.


Oh no- you killed my hamster!

Things aren’t looking too good for one particular family pursuant to the revelation that a domestic dispute led to the violent death of a hamster at the hands of a 19 year old sister.

nytA New York City teenager has been arrested on a felony charge in the death of a younger sibling’s hamster.

Joseph Pentangelo (pehn-TAN’-jeh-loh) of the ASPCA says the creature, which belonged to a 9-year-old, died during a domestic dispute in June.

The 19-year-old (Monique Smith) is accused of choking and squeezing the 4-ounce hamster and throwing it on the floor. It was then thrown across the street, though a necropsy concluded the animal was probably already dead by the time that happened.

Kids, even as me and the chipmunks read this we are shuddering in the back porch. How dare she kill her little brother’s hamster. Didn’t she understand that that hamster meant the world to him? In fact we’re willing to bet, when she tossed that hamster across the street, she was in essence really tossing her little brother.

Pentangelo says the charges include aggravated cruelty to animals and child endangerment. He says three children witnessed the hamster’s demise.

The Brooklyn teen was arrested Tuesday night. If convicted, she could face up to two years in prison.

Two years in jail for a pet hamster? Could you imagine what the sentence would be if she flushed the goldfish down the toilet too?

  • Oh my god! A serial killer!
    Two years and $5,000? I’d give her a death sentence! Because you know, this is how serial killers start! The Animal serial killer!

    Sometimes I really think that people who laugh at Americans for their stupidity are right…I mean look at this situation, it’s so ridiculous. Sure, it wasn’t a nice thing to do, killing anything goes against my beliefs but come on!