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Peasants need not apply- Welcome to the Snob Mob.


Ha! And here I was thinking that Peter Davis was just as penniless like me, cranking out uber material like his trust fund life depended on it. Oh dear, I must have a word with Peter- ‘Peter, next time you are born, make sure I am also adopted, I can’t stand being a penniless writer another day!’ There, the phone’s going off the hook already, screw him, I’ll make the bitch beg me to return his phone call. Now, where were we- yes- rich snots….Oliver Estreich.

“How did we pick up steam so quickly?” he asks rhetorically over a $22 grilled cheese sandwich at the Royalton Hotel in Midtown recently. “That’s a great question. People must have really loved the concept. I guess it was in demand.”

Oliver dear, can you please ask your daddy to order me one of those $64 french fries, and no please I insist no ketch up- that would be another $17 to the bill, please let’s stay within reason.

“We wanted to create an intimate gathering of friends and like-minded individuals who could meet in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s just fostering a certain environment among people who know each other,” he declares, cutting his grilled cheese with a knife and fork.

Intimate? Yes Oliver, getting your mug on page 6 is about as intimate as a cancer growth on your spleen. But I believe you. Do you mind saving me the crust? And yes a sliver of that mustard drooling down your chin. Oh such manners.

If Estreich sounds vague, it’s because much of what he says seems intentionally obfuscating. He speaks like a trained politician, using the word diverse 16 times over the course of an hour and chuckling—never outright laughing—when he finds something amusing. Other  words he repeats on a loop: versatile, entrepreneurial, go-getters and, sometimes, those words in combination, as in versatile go-getters.

Kids, do you get the impression Oliver is completely into himself? I suspect as much, but let me try using the word- ‘perverse’ 16 times and see how that sounds. Oliver dear, another round of daddy’s moonshine? Yes- you go first, I’ll drink from this bottle and you drink from that bottle. Blah- I am so fond of you Oliver. Another toast for the Upper East side forthwith!

Some other interesting facts about Estreich: He grew up on 85th and Park with his architect father, his interior-decorator mother and an older brother; after the Browning School, he attended George Washington University, where he majored in business and psychology; his favorite author is Bret Easton Ellis; favorite artist, Damien Hirst; favorite museum, MoMA; and he listens to “everything from Beethoven to Cut Copy.” He won’t say exactly where he works, except that it’s “in hospitality.” He won’t name his favorite restaurant, but he “went to Orsay recently.”

Oliver, why be shy about it? Tell the world you work as the busboy at your father’s 7/11. And preferred restaurant? Please Ollie- anything and anywhere I can name drop and use your daddy’s credit card will do for me. Another round of moonshine. Yes, you go first Ollie…



  1. Who ever wrote this is probably neither American nor Western European. Let’s face it, we are not all the same nor equal. That would be communist and boring. I think today’s society is much like that of yesterday’s and our grandparent’s parents. A tiger doesn’t change its stripes. It just hides in different bush to survive.

  2. this website is sooooo bad, so poorly written. the only reason i even look at it is that that social climbing moron, chris, added me on facebook and i get the updates.

  3. Aren’t socialites in New York traditionally WASPy New Yorkers with Limited “Allowed” transplants from either Boston, Philidelphia, Washington D.C. And wealthy Western European Aristocracy???

    I am a bit confused by this Nouveau article????
    Doesn’t seem to make any sense.

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