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Taking cocaine and then flying can sometimes be lethal.


Are you ready to get behind the cockpit high as a kite?

Here’s a story of Jesse Barre, a pilot who lost his life just over 2 years when he stepped onto a plane, wait for it- higher than the plane he planned to fly.

montrealgazette: QUEBEC — The 27 year-old pilot of a small plane that crashed into a remote Quebec area two years ago made a series of mistakes and had taken cocaine before flying, the Transportation Safety Board noted in its final report into the fatal crash Tuesday.

Along with the pilot Jesse Barre being killed, Jeffrey Hugh McClymont was killed, while 2 other passengers were injured. But what makes the commission’s report interesting with respect to the cause of the crash, wasn’t that there was anything wrong with the plane, but the fact given the challenges of flying in the anticipated weather and altitude that day would have required one to retain their full mental acumen.

The report pointed out the pilot was confronted with several hazards that required him to be physically and mentally fit to fly. However, toxicology tests revealed Barrie had taken cocaine within 24 hours preceding the accident.

“Consequently, the pilot’s vigilance may have been affected during the flight and placed the safety of the flight at risk,” the investigators wrote.

All true, but the question remains, why would a pilot who is charged with the safety and responsibility of others not follow through with what seem to be obvious protocol? Could it be that Mr Barre was feeling invincible, buzzed and beyond the normal parameters of normal consciousness? Which reminds us kids- next time you hop into a car, bus, train, plane think about all the blow you sniffed the night before- cause it could well just be your last.

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