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It’s time to share the latest H&M brutal photoshop trick.


Why do the fashion labels insist on deranging model’s limbs?

Last week it was a missing leg of a Victoria’s Secret model’s leg  and now this week it’s H&M’s turn to do some brutal photo mangling.

styleite : When will the Photoshop madness end? When? The two worst Photoshop offenses are undoubtedly 1) rendering a person unrecognizable and 2) mangling someone’s limbs in a way that makes us squirm uncontrollably. Congratulations, H&M! You’ve officially made us squirm!

If the goal of e-commerce sites is to actually sell stuff (which we assume it is), H&M would be wise to switch out this photo of a model with a severely square (and digitally-altered) hip. That is, if they ever want anyone to buy a yellow tank top again.

It seems what’s natural these days isn’t necessarily the model before she gets photo whacked but the photoshopping that follows it. But then again isn’t fashion all about illusion and preferred make believe?


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