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How the fashion blogger is taking over the world.


Maybe I am projecting my own personal guilt and issues here. I had a wonderful Monday. I got free stuff, I looked a hell of a lot better walking out than I did walking in, and I met a lot of wonderful people. Now, part of me thinks I should just shut up and drink my champagne, but part of me wonders what I did to deserve all that. And what any of us did to deserve all the attention and swag that we get.  Is the blogging world just perpetuating the cycle of them that’s got shall get and them that’s not shall lose? In other words, are the steps that this community is making towards diversity and truth enough?

Never mind I have another show to cover right about now, front row of course…



  1. Bloggers are the next and current generation’s most sought after media. They’re clever, fearless, and information is shared instantly. Sorry Angry Photographer, looks like if you really want to get your message out there you should probably blog about it.

  2. That’s what the fashion world needs more useless bloggers and wannabi’s like your website too “;….;”

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