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How the fashion blogger is taking over the world.



Yet More Proof that Fashion Bloggers are Taking Over the World 

How was your Monday? Did it involve free champagne, cupcakes and spa services? If not, then it probably wasn’t quite as awesome as mine. I, along with a bevvy of other busy fashion bloggers were treated to all that and more at the Lookbooks and FashionIndie’s Blogger Break Room at Lookbooks chic office, smack dab in the middle of the fashion district. 

As this particular blogger made her way through the room, champagne in hand and cupcake from Cupcakes and Compliments in mouth, I noticed only one theme: style. This room was filled with incredibly stylish people. Mellie Davis from the Fat Apple and Christina Caradona from Trop Rouge were some of the more recognizable faces, but there was a veritable sea of trendy, hip women charging their electronics and wearing the latest trends. They were helped along by Louise Manna, jewelry designer to the LA hipster scene who was there with a few of her designs. Elaborate body jewelry, all hand made by Manna adorned more than one tiny toned blogger body as they walked around, taking advantage of everything Lookbooks and FashionIndie had to offer.  

And offer they did: spray tans by Be Bronzed (this article is being typed by expertly tanned hands at this very moment) manicures, massages and facials by SpaMerge, makeovers by NK Salon and cocktails by U’Luvka Vodka.  Unfortunately for this writer, by the time those cocktails came along I was forced to abstain after all the champagne. After all, I had a job to do. 

And what, you might ask, is that job exactly? What do all these people sucking in the freebies do? We write, but don’t call ourselves writers. We have our picture taken all the time, but are not all models. What, exactly, is a blogger, well to be precise a fashion blogger and how is it that they have become a part of the fashion elite?  

On the surface, it seems that it can only be a good thing that the internet has brought journalism to a more individual level. That anyone with access to a computer can write about what’s happening in the world and in their lives. And, therefore, that



  1. Bloggers are the next and current generation’s most sought after media. They’re clever, fearless, and information is shared instantly. Sorry Angry Photographer, looks like if you really want to get your message out there you should probably blog about it.

  2. That’s what the fashion world needs more useless bloggers and wannabi’s like your website too “;….;”

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