Home Nightlife The 2011 American Antiques Show (TAAS) Gala Preview.

The 2011 American Antiques Show (TAAS) Gala Preview.



Photography by Gordon Ho. Joyce Cowin, Petra Levin, Stephen Corelli and Francesca Petrucci


Last Wednesday saw the American Folk Art museum in concert with patrons celebrated the 10th anniversary of the American Antiques show- a consortium first devised 10 years ago (I was told it took 2 years to get off the ground) to raise awareness and funds for the American Folk Art museum and that of which is known as Audrey Heckler one of the committee members pointed out to me in its correct name as outside art.

Of course that may not necessarily may have mattered to the lively set who came along to scoop out remarkable finds or at the very least join in the festivities.

And who was being festive you wonder? A cursory regard of the Metropolitan Pavillion saw Martha Stewart (whom by now was showing no trace of her dog’s headbutting atrophies on her lip- oh dear), the writer Anthony Haden Guest (who this time resisted the urge to trip over his shoelaces – unlike in Miami), Yaz Hernandez (who was sporting a nasty bruise courtesy of some feisty skiing- but she was all smiles and tre aplomb), Richard and Laura Parsons– who I can never understand where they find the strength to attend all the social engagements that they do, the dandy Mario Buata, the divine Audrey Heckler, chic socialite CeCe Cord, Ellie and Edgar Cullman, Peggy and Dick Danziger, Lucy and Mike Danziger, Marjorie and Robert Hirschhorn, Nancy Druckman, Arie Kopelman, Wendy and Stephen Lash, Dorothy Lichtenstein, Agnes Nixon and not least of all our most esteemed and charismatic host Mr Barry Briskin.

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Photo by Rose Hartman- Lucy Robb.


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