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Mmh. Are you a submissive girl looking for a free place to live?


The things that exist on craigslist.

I won’t say much, except I’m rather beguiled and I can only wish I was the email in box receiving all the emails that this particular individual is hoping to receive. Which reminds me- will you be responding as well? And oh yes, don’t forget to attach a photo ladies, because, ahem, this is physical.

The ad as it appears below, and here re sized:

Ok before I have a flood of emails from people that hate what I am doing all I can do is say I am sorry if this concept offends you, so we know this isn’t for you. what I offer is plain and simple. I am looking for a submissive girl that just wants to take a break from paying rent and bills, or is trying to save up money for what ever reason. I have a room in a big loft that is empty right now. it has a huge loft bed and a large wardrobe. it is private and only for you. all I ask from you is your generosity and loyalty. I have done this before so I am patient and kind, and a lot of fun. so if you are a tourist from another country visiting NYC and want to save money then this will work out for you or just a person who needs a plain old break then this is also for you and yes this is physical. so please feel free to drop me a line, please attach a photo. have a good day and talk soon

  • I’m envious of the sublet slut too. Let’s drink to each others unmatched honesty. Also if I was a real culture reporter I’d be living with this guy? *crys*