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How to sell Feet Pics on Craigslist 

Selling Feet Pics on Craigslist
How to Make Money Selling Feet Pics on Craigslist.
Selling Feet Pics on Craigslist
How to Make Money Selling Feet Pics on Craigslist

How to Make Money Selling Feet Pics on Craigslist: Tips and protocol you need to be aware of to best maximize income opportunities selling fee photos online. 

In previous posts we’ve discussed the different platforms one can turn to when selling feet pictures and why most users on the internet ultimately end up working with industry bell-weather: FeetFinder

The choices on social media are endless, whether via InstafeetEtsyInstagram  or even OnlyFans– along with popular classifieds platform for buyers and sellers, Craigslist.

Craigslist is where people come together to post ads for all sorts of goods and services. The range of services are wide and far, from massages, maid services, copywriting and video services. The list is endless as far as your imagination. With a good ad, you can also sell feet pics on Craigslist.

What is Craigslist?

Craigslist is a classified advertisements website that includes many sections related to jobs, services, housing, for sale, gigs, résumés, community service, and discussion forums. Craigslist also includes a barter option in its ‘for sale’ section, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Although Craigslist has garnered criticism for some of its marketing policies, it still remains a popular platform for people looking to sell their feet pics. As Craigslist does not have any policies negating the selling of feet pics, it provides many people with a good platform to earn money this way. 

What you should know about Selling Feet Pics on Craigslist

Despite being a sexual fetish, Craigslist doesn’t ban feet pics. That means there are plenty of opportunities for people to sell their feet pics on Craigslist. 

Craigslist Does Not Pay

Craigslist is merely an advertising platform where you can put on ads to attract customers to see your feet pics. If you fail to attract any customers, you won’t unfortunately anything. Craigslist itself is just a bulletin board that lets the world know what you are looking to sell on their internet bulletin forum.

What you need to do is to offer something to people that they won’t be able to turn down. It all boils down to how good your marketing skills are. Since Craigslist isn’t short on what people put out every day, you might just get buried under the pile. That said, there is a way to stand out and that involves tweaking your ads so they stand out in searches and start getting customers on Craigslist.

Setting Up Your Craigslist Account

First off, you are going to have to make an account on Craigslist. Start by setting your nearest location which can be your locality, from a long list of localities. After you’re done deciding on your location, you are shown yet another ultra simple-looking list where you can select the service you’ll be providing while you are on Craigslist.

This list has sections like jobs, housing, discussion forums, services, community, and of course, for sale. For sale is the section you’ll be choosing. Right afterward, you’ll be able to browse a much less simple-looking list of items posted by other people. This is where you can post your ad too. You can choose relevant options to post your ad. In the case of feet pics, it should be a photo/video by the owner. Now begin the details of your Craigslist advertisement.

Setting up Your Ad

Be engaging, even kinky, shot and succinct, and most importantly, keep it simple.

Directing Buyers to FeetFinder

FeetFinder is the best platform for anyone looking to sell their Feet pics and videos. You can sell Feet pics on Craigslist by getting clients and directing them to your FeetFinder page.

On FeetFinder, you can sell your Feet pics and videos, you can get paying subscribers, sell your Feet albums, and receive a Tip from your fans, and Make Money Selling Feet Pics on FeetFinder.

Selling Feet Pics on Craigslist
How to Make Money Selling Feet Pics on Craigslist.

Research Your Buyer

Always know who the buyer you are dealing with is – generally someone who is a foot fetish aficionado.

Regardless of whether you are selling your feet pics through your website or through Craigslist directly, make sure the buyer isn’t someone that could potentially cause you to harm by using your pics to later harass or bully you.

Don’t be too hasty when making the trade though. Craigslist isn’t exactly known for having strict policies in place, and there have been way too many security issues to count but if you are really careful then you might be safe. Just make sure you get the money before you release the product. But then again this very safety issue, of vetting end buyer and legitimacy of images is why most sellers of feet pics end up going with FeetFinder- the industry’s most trusted platform for selling feet photos.

Don’t Make Transactions in Person

There is no reason you need to meet the buyer in person when selling on Craigslist. Try to avoid any requests made in this regard, and if someone is too persistent, don’t hesitate to turn them down. A simple picture can easily be transferred online and does not require any meetings.

If you opt for something like that, it wouldn’t fall in Craigslist’s jurisdiction and if you end up getting in any sort of trouble, there isn’t anything the platform will be able to do. Some people choose fake locations to ensure they don’t have to go through that sort of trouble. It also reduces any chances of being tracked down. Since feet pics can be sold online, you don’t have a reason to give out your location.

Watermark Your Feet Pics

Don’t let your pics be used without your consent in places where you don’t want them. This is a rather common event when we are talking about Craigslist concerning anything remotely sensual. For all you know, your content may get stolen by someone without you being able to do anything about it. That’s why, make sure you watermark your feet pics.

Avoid Familiarizing with Followers

Be very professional when approaching buyers about your feet pics. You wouldn’t want to give anyone a window to exploit that information later on in the future. Be discrete in how you deal with your buyers on Craigslist. They do not need to know anything about you, aside from your payment method and details.

Try not to unveil your address, social media handles where you only hang out with friends and don’t do business, personal information regarding your life, other people around you, etc. In the odd chance that your feet pics do get stolen and used without consent, any information that leaks out with it wouldn’t exactly be pleasant for you.

As such, it is better to be careful when giving out any sensitive information about yourself. Be vigilant about your accounts since you’ll be dealing with so many people that you know next to nothing about. This also means that instead of using your bank account to receive payments, you should use online payment methods.

Invite Interest and Get on the Front Page

To ensure your feet pics are picked up readily and you get many customers, you’ll have to adopt a number of simple strategies. What you need to do is to pique the buyer’s interest so they’d have no choice but to buy your feet pics. The first step is getting noticed on Craigslist. And that will come down to figuring out how to create a great campaign that invites potential buyers of feet pics.

Once you’ve taken care of the aesthetics, remember all the fundamental marketing tricks. Using catchy captions, teasers, and good keywords while you’re on Craigslist is crucial to get noticed. To increase your sales, advertise your content through teasers to pique the curiosity of your followers and make use of proper keywords to increase your chances of appearing in searches.

Know the Market

Craigslist is a pretty big platform with millions of users dropping by to browse every day. Even if you have set up a good ad with good pictures, you might not be getting picked up as much as you’d like. The reason behind that is that the market is quite saturated, and people can get what you are offering for free elsewhere.

To sidestep this potential conundrum, you need to post content that is more specific and diverse than some typical feet pics. Make use of different positions, accessories, and backgrounds to set up a different mood for your feet pics. Keep a good balance and moderation when taking feet pics.

Setting the Right Price

Last but not least, set a price after thinking carefully about it and doing your due diligence about the correct price to charge for feet pics. Do not expect your buyers to be too extravagant when they can find something similar for a much lower price elsewhere. Be reasonable with the price you set for your feet pics. If your prices are sky high, buyers would just take someone else over you, regardless of how good your content may be.

You don’t have to set a fixed price for every picture though. You can also increase prices once you start getting many buyers. But don’t raise too much, too suddenly. Increment slowly and try not to take things too far. And while you are raising the prices, make sure to upgrade your content too.