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Selling feet pictures on Etsy vs FeetFinder?

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FeetFinder or Etsy for selling feet pics.
FeetFinder or Etsy as the most effective way to sell feet pics.

FeetFinder or Etsy as the most effective way to sell feet pics: Making extra income selling photos of your feet will often come down to strategy and platform best suited to your needs. 

One of the common questions amongst potential sellers of feet pictures – does it make money (yes – and it depends on your strategy) and secondly what is the best forum to sell feet pictures?

As previously explored, one effective way to sell feet pics is to go to Feetfinder directly, while you may also elect to use other social media forums – go here to see whether it makes sense to use Instagram, Instafeet, Snapchat or OnlyFans– given your own particular needs, schedule, strategy and objective along with social media following.

Another potential platform that some users are turning to selling feet their feet photos is Etsy, principally because of the anonymity that the platform provides along with other reasons and definitions- which we will explore below.

What Is Etsy & How does it work? 

Etsy is a popular online marketplace that has become the go-to destination for creative entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their handmade, vintage, and unique products. Etsy provides an easy-to-use platform for both buyers and sellers to interact with each other. It’s a great place to find unique items from all over the world or promote your own creations.

With millions of active buyers and sellers, Etsy offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to increase their sales. Whether you are selling jewelry, art prints, clothing or furniture, or pictures of your feet. Etsy is one of the more popular and best online market places to start building your business.

Etsy is an online store where people can buy and sell handcrafted and unique things. It is one of the most popular locations for beginners to sell their handmade goods because it is free, simple to use, and has a large consumer base.

Since Etsy gives people the chance to launch their businesses and access a market of millions of customers, thousands of people sign up there each month. Thousands of new users sign up monthly on Etsy to launch their small businesses or make extra money online, selling all sort of items, including pictures of your feet. 

FeetFinder or Etsy for selling feet pics.
FeetFinder or Etsy as the most effective way to sell feet pics.

How To Sell Pictures Of Feet On Etsy

An easy-to-follow tutorial on how to sell images of feet on Etsy in 2022 is provided below. Etsy’s payment systems serve only a few countries. So before continuing, it’s best to read Etsy’s seller guidelines. You can also check to see if Etsy payments are possible where you are.

Create an Etsy account first

On Etsy, creating an account is simple and free. You must enter your name, email address, password, and other details like the shop’s language, location, and currency. 

Deciding on a store name

For your Etsy account, you must select a username. Make sure it’s distinctive and catchy because this username will appear on all of your listings. Try to make it relatable, such as feet store, foot diva, etc. if you are just using your shop to sell feet pictures. The name of your business can only be changed once, so make sure you’re happy with the name. 

Most effective way to sell feet pics.
FeetFinder or Etsy as the most effective way to sell feet images.

Open a feet selling pics store

The following steps entails setting up your store and providing the necessary information.

Make a listing

You must first create a listing to open a shop. Create a basic dummy listing that you can edit later if you are not yet ready to sell anything. Don’t forget to update it after you make any changes and ongoing updates, which you likely will once you start loading images on your online store platform. 

Creating A Listing For Images Of Feet

You can create a listing and sell your foot photos for sale now that your business logo and store name is up and running along with images. 

Promoting feet pics on Etsy

Most effective way to sell feet photos
FeetFinder or Etsy as the most effective way to sell feet photos.

You can post your link or listing to sell your foot picture on social media when necessary. Thanks to the built-in tools, you may post your listings on Etsy with only a few clicks. You may also hold Etsy deals or give discounts to draw in more clients.

What Is The Fee For Selling Pictures Of Feet On Etsy?

There is no risk in signing up for Etsy, a safe and cost-free website, so you can sell photos of Feet without taking any risks. Etsy charges a flat listing fee of $0.20 (for each listing) after you make a sale and deducts a transaction fee of 5% from each sale you make on the website.

You will be charged 3% plus $0.25 in fees if you handle payments using Etsy Payment. Check out this article on how much it costs to sell anything on Etsy with examples if you’re still unsure.

Which raises the next question:

What Is The Fee For Selling Pictures Of Feet On FeetFinder? 

FeetFinder charges sellers a monthly seller fee of $4.99 (or $1.25 per month if you choose the annual plan) and you get to keep 80% of your earnings, which is the same percentage as OnlyFans and better than most other feet picture websites.

How Does FeetFinder Work?

FeetFinder is a platform where users can buy and sell pictures and videos of their feet. The site allows creators to upload their pictures and set their own prices for their content. Buyers can browse through different profiles and purchase content that they find appealing.

To get started on FeetFinder, creators must first create an account and complete their profile. This includes adding a bio, profile picture, and payment information. Creators can then start uploading their pictures and videos for buyers to purchase, while retaining anonymity. 

Advantages of using FeetFinder

By the biggest advantage is the fact that FeetFinder has a wide inherent customer base who specifically have arrived at the platform looking to buy feet photos, contingent on particular searches or preferred profiles/aesthetics. This allows users to concentrate on building their portfolio as opposed to focusing on building their following and customer base.

FeetFinder allows users sell feet pics and make money through two different ways like selling your feet albums and through selling your FeetFinder page subscriptions.

 * FeetFinder is the safest and most secure website to view, buy and sell feet pics and videos. All users are verified and they have PCI-compliant level security to ensure your data stays safe and secure.

 * FeetFinder markets all its sellers for them so you can be 100% anonymous.

* You can sell your feet albums multiple times to unlimited clients and once you created an album, it is there and you can make passive income through it.

 * Another benefit that FeedFinders provides that other platforms can’t match is that all users are verified, and that the site has PCI-compliant level security to ensure your data stays safe and secure.