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Have you applied for your new Kardashian credit card? Celebrities whom Famewhore themselves to riches.


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Now I am scrolling through the internet and see that the Kardashians, of all people, are entering into the prepaid debt card market.  The same people who are promote living lavishly on their reality show are now diving into the pre-paid debit market in order to “provide people with something where they could learn their budgets” as stated by Kim Kardashian to reporters.

I have a few questions for the Kardashians since they are so concerned about helping people to learn about budgeting in this rough economy:

Do you think the $99.95 fee to purchase your card for 12 months will help or hurt someone’s budget?

What about the monthly fee of $7.95 that kicks in after the initial purchase period…does that help someone’s budget?

If someone loses their card, does the $9.95 fee they have to pay to replace the card help or hurt their budget? I actually had to replace my card the other day and was able to do so for free through my bank but I guess you feel there are teachable moments in making someone pay for something they can get for free?

If someone’s card is stolen and they need it replaced right away because they have a pressing bill that is due, or need to have immediate access to their money, the whopping $25 that your card charges the people to replace the card and send it overnight…I’ll bet that does wonders for the budget doesn’t it?!

The $1.50 ATM Withdrawal fee, $2.00 ATM Inquiry or Decline fee, the $1.00 Point of Sale fee, the $6.00 Cancel Account fee, the $1.50 fee just to talk to a Service Center Care-Live Operator if you have questions, and all of the other LONG list of fees listed on your site…how do those fees help with your budget Kardashians?

The biggest question that I have to ask you did you even learn about this product before you endorsed it and started to make claims that it actually teaches you about money? This product does nothing of the sort and actually



  1. you have to be quite the loser to get opt for a kardashian credit/debit card………..what have these girls done except for sleep with black men….. etc.?

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