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Have you applied for your new Kardashian credit card? Celebrities whom Famewhore themselves to riches.


Russell Simmons- "Shouldn't you be 'rushing' yourself into further povert using my card?"


teaches people about what you SHOULDN’T do with your money. Who told you that it would be a wise move to promote a financial product that charges exorbitant fees to hard working Americans who are already having a hard enough time putting food on the table? Didn’t you read the stat where almost 1 out of 5 Americans are having problems with simply putting food on the table? I guess your lavish lifestyle that you lead only causes you to be concerned about the state of most of America when you are scalping them for their last scent just to make a profit for yourself?! Now you are going to pitch a product that is designed to systematically cipher the last few dollars from working class families who actually had faith in you that you wouldn’t steer them wrong? Shame on you!

To the hard working Americans out there, I wanted to leave you with some tips to make sure that you don’t ever have to fall for these types of products again.

1.    Fame doesn’t equal intelligence – Just because someone is famous doesn’t mean that they know what is best for you and your family. It is up to you to research every financial product that you use and don’t base your decision upon someone’s notoriety.

2.    If a product is EVER trying to get you to spend money just to spend your own money that is a usually red flag. I might spend money on water, or might spend money on air to put in my tire…but I will be darned if I ever spend money just to use my own money.  Think about it…does that even make sense?

3.    Research other options – There are ALWAYS other alternatives if you just take the time to research them.  These financial predators will pitch this product as the ONLY option that you may have and depend upon you not doing the research to find out alternatives.  Those who are financially savvy know better.  Here are a few alternatives:



  1. you have to be quite the loser to get opt for a kardashian credit/debit card………..what have these girls done except for sleep with black men….. etc.?

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