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George Bush’s Mother Showed Him a Fetus After a Miscarriage


‘Here’s the fetus,’ said Barbara Bush to her teenage son, George W, after telling the Doktor (letter K intended ) to save the remains of her miscarried child in a glass jar so she could show them. Little did she know the incident would later make the boy’s presidential bildungsroman.

The understandably traumatizing incident in the young Bush’s life is said to have ‘hardened his pro life stance,’ leading to his opposition to abortion and stem-cell research during his presidency.

Said Bush: “There’s no question that affected me, [led to] a philosophy that we should respect life.’…‘There was a human life, a little brother or sister.’

Though Bush reportedly had to ask permission from his mother to put the sensitive episode in his memoir (and seems to have left out the other surely scarring incident where he allegedly masturbated in a coffin for his father), now W is flaunting the spectacular fetus experience on national TV for NBC’s Matt Lauer

But who, viewing the mastery with which Bushy moved so seamlessly from highly criticized president to enviably smart marketer and misery-lit writer, can neglect the usually downplayed similarities between politicians and ‘memoirists’: the most fact-bending of all semi-fiction writers?

Which isn’t to say that all this fetus-flashing has been made up or even sensationalized solely to booster book sales, but with a story this grotesquely page-turning, does it really matter?

Still, from that perspective, couldn’t the same be said for the narratives that Bush offered the American people during his presidency, the ones that took us to Iraq and then Afghanistan where our soldiers are, even today, still dying?

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Does it make sense to now send George W Bush to Guantanamo?

Shame, Shame, *Shame*

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