Home Scandal and Gossip Soon you can get high on mushrooms for $1400.

Soon you can get high on mushrooms for $1400.


Isn’t it time you booked yourself in a “floating hotel room on a platform shaped like a mushroom?”

Are you bored with the way you have been taking mushrooms lately? Well, that’s what Berlin’s Museum for Contemporary Art must be thinking in lieu of their new offering to adventurous souls…


BERLIN (Reuters) – Visitors to Berlin’s Museum for Contemporary Art can book themselves a night in an installation created by artist Carsten Hoeller at a cost of 1,000 euros ($1,400) as of November 5.

The installation, which includes a floating hotel room on a platform shaped like a mushroom, gives guests an “opportunity to dive into the world of soma,” the museum said.

Soma is a mythical drink with powers to heal, enlighten and provide access to the divine, according to the beliefs of Vedic nomads in northern India during the second millennium BC.

Access to the divine? Isn’t that what every human is after, and now you can have it for just a scant $1400 US?

Personally we think such a trip would be most appreciated by the very people who can least afford it- yes we’re talking about hobbos, foreign exchange students, starving artist types and the dedicated drug user who is always having to figure inventive ways to get his hands on the good shit.

Nevertheless, one has to wonder besides the added comfort of the gallery (although last time we checked being zoned out in our very own bedroom seemed to do the trick quite well thank you very much) what one is actually getting for their money..?

It is no longer known what soma was made of, but research suggests the fly agaric mushroom, more popularly known as “magic mushrooms,” may have been the ingredient responsible for its effect. This provided Hoeller with the inspiration for his fantastical installation.

In other words if some fancy artist tells you it must be magic then it must be, just make sure your check doesn’t bounce kids.