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Scallywag is looking for tabloid and fashion interns.


The pizzazz...

I am also looking to groom one of you miserable sods in our art department. Art direction of our layouts that is and upcoming video channel(yes- we will at the near future have live images of all your favorite delinquents as they cavort in front of our cameras). You should only bother if you have a wicked sense of humor, are well traveled, can think on layered levels and are completing a degree in video editing, graphic design and are tech savvy. You should also be aspiring to becoming an art director one day.

If you would like to find out more about us – I would suggest you spend some time reading this site. Of course you will lie to me when I finally meet you and tell me you are a religiously dedicated fan who snorts their fillet mignon out of their ear lobes when reading our articles.

After you have read some articles, you can then have a look at this– it’s an interview with one of them trendy European journals I did that describes my general philosophy about the media world and how I too became my own media whore. You can then go on and click here and see all the other websites that have featured me, or our articles- Gawker, NY Post-page 6, the London Times, Huffington Post, Bravo TV, Guest of a Guest, Black Book Magazine, Fashionspot and a few other fashion and art periodicals.

If after you have done all of the above you still feel certain that a glamorous unpaid career in the media is for you, you should then submit me a letter of query, a cover letter explaining who you are, what you think you can bring to the table and why you think you would be a good fit with us. You should also provide examples of your best work so I can see if you can actually think and are talented. I on other hand promise if I take you on to turn you into a cracker jack media whip that will even have Anna Wintour blushing when you one day bump into her on the way with my dry cleaning.

Work will be performed part of the time out of our Williamsburg loft (the Manhattan skyline views are smashing I must admit, be careful the cat bites, and no I am not a hipster) as well from the comfort of your prison cell. Yes- it means you will have assignments, and if you feel you can not work without the knowledge that someone is actually watching you then this opportunity is not for you. In other words, individuals with initiative and verve will go a long way with us.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest regards,

the Editor in Chief-Scallywag.

Send all inquiries here kids-


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  1. From experience, It is a fun internship. You will most definitely learn a plethora of ways to increase your writing style that not only include the learning of the exact meaning of “tongue-in-cheek” , but also your eyes will be open to a snazzy high society world that one poor college student could only imagine. By the way, the view from the Williamsburg loft is a gorgeous.

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