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Anna Wintour refuses to let Ms Lily’s, a Jamaican restaurant open near her West Village pied a terre.

Not on my block!

Not on my block!

Anna will tell you what she considers fashionable thank you very much!

This story keeps heating up week after week. On one hand you have a restaurant that wants to open its corridors for business and on the other hand you have the fashion dominatrix who is using every trick in the book to keep it from opening because she fears it will turn her block into a Sunday afternoon Coney Island boardwalk adventure.

Gawker: The Vogue editor claims that because restaurant/club owner Serge Becker is involved, it’s guaranteed to turn into a shitshow. Really? Along with other concerned residents from her West Village neighborhood, Anna Wintour testified against the opening of the restaurant at a community board meeting last month. “I know the kind of places he’s involved in and the kind of people that he brings,”

The type of people it usually brings? What type of people is our highness referring to? Not the hoi poli that used to jam the Chelsea corridor and now migrated to the meatpacking district. Not the bridge and tunnel crowd that put on their extra tight leather pants and heavy gold crucifix necklaces bundled up and down their chests like armored fashionistas. Not the same type of people that longingly drool over her journal- Vogue the minute it hits the newstands. Not these people, right?

Why the opening of the restaurant would concern Wintour so much has everything to do with its location: The property, located at 132 W. Houston Street, abuts MacDougal-Sullivan Gardens, a private oasis that residents of only 22 houses—including Wintour’s—have access to. So that’s the rub: it’s a case of a rich person who wants to make sure that no one can go to a restaurant, so that they can keep their little secret garden nice and peaceful.

Of course we completely sympathize with Anna, who would want ‘Tony the Guido I know how to burp and do sit ups at the same time’ barfing in Anna’s private little garden after his had a few too many of Ms Lily’s Golden Margaritas?

Residents were first tipped off to the restaurant when Becker, who co-owns The Box among other New York venues, called one of the Garden’s members and asked for access so he could do acoustic testing to make sure the restaurant wouldn’t cause any outside noise. “Well, if he’s doing that, he must be already booking DJs!” the residents practically shouted while clutching their pearls.

Which has naturally put Ms Wintour on ferocious guard as she seeks to protect her little oasis. That said Ms Wintour with due respect I have some word of advice for you- “As much as you can’t stand certain elements, like us, you can never control or remove these people from somehow intruding in your life, that’s why dear I heartily advise you find a charming oasis in Brooklyn, that’s why we moved here. Of course to be honest with you Anna, I’m worried all those pigs are moving here too. Blah!”