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The grand idea of Scallywag and Vagabond is to reflect on the wider cultural collective. Our journal offers a dissection of events, movements, ideas, arbiters and scene makers in a variety of categories; fashion, night life, society, culinary, performance and visual arts. In our favorite, Scandal and Gossip, we take an irreverent stand/exploration on popular culture and events in media, celebrity gossip, fashion and aesthetics.

So on any given day you can expect to find features on iconic celebrities, auteurs, us dining at the French consulate, sitting front second row at fashion collections, discussing humanities, trends in social media, society, philanthropy, celebrity, media, the arts, reflecting on the next crop of designers, the death/rise of the hipster/socialite, chefs, scene makers, artists, film makers and even the next pop glam band. Or just brooding at the latest collective of media wannabes at some hot red carpet event (oh dear…).

Ultimately this allows us to take on the coveted role of aesthete, arbiter of taste, and commentator on current dialectics. Its a role we relish and are sought out for, given the insistent demand for our features and coverage of media events.

Branding Opportunities

We here at Scallywag and Vagabond are always on the look out for a story, event or a branding opportunity that will resonate with our readers. If you are inclined to be in the loop, amaze us with your wit, charm and provocative sensibilities and just can’t wait to share with the world your latest creation, scandal, fashion ideas or product– by all means reach out to the publisher: [email protected]

Who are our readers?

Our readership is an educated, chic and primarily affluent one, with a sense of bohemia and luxury, established refined aesthetics as well as from time to time turning their back on the main stream and seeking cultivation in more diverse sources, experiences and life affirmations. They love a delicious scandal which we specialize in breaking.

Typically our readers are more female concentrated (60%) with undergraduate and graduate degrees and are often the same people that we feature, from the ages of 24-35.

In terms of language, 75% of our readers set English as their browser language with most of the balance using European languages.

Geographically 47% are situated in the US, 13% in the UK, 5% in Canada, 4% in Germany, 3% Poland, 3% Australia and 2% France. 55% of our readers are using desktop PCs, 35% smart phones, and 10% ipads. Source: Google Analytics.

Several times a month our posts go viral on social networks. For example in July 2014 one of our articles was shared 275,000 times on Facebook during which time readers were highly engaged, boosting click through rates and RPM’s for our advertisers at the end of each post by 20%.

In 2014 our monthly page views increased substantially from 1,400, 000 in July to 6,000,000 in September. Our overall traffic numbers can be confirmed by Quantcast, our third party measuring service. They directly count and analyze our traffic via a tag on our site. Thus they are much more accurate than sites like Comscore and Compete when these are merely estimating traffic by making back of the envelope assumptions regarding the browsing patterns of a small subset of tracked users. Click here for Quantcast’s report on Scallywag.


While many premium sites purchase our traffic from platforms like Taboola, we do not purchase traffic ourselves.

Direct Advertising.

We offer a myriad of advertising rates per 1000 cost per impression on our site, which we can tailor make according to your specifications. From head banner page, sky scraper,  boxes, and video the choices are there. We like to start with at least 100 000 impressions and build from there. Bi weekly inventory acquisitions will see a price reduction, circa 1 million impressions. Monthly traffic recently has ranged from 1, 400,000 to 6,000,000 impressions with 2,000,000 unique visitors.

See bottom of page for costs and sizes.

Email publisher: [email protected]


We are featured and linked back to virtually every other day by major journals, including radaronline, dailymail, huffingtonpost, nydailynews, nypost, gawker, jezebel, theobserver, celebritycafe, dlisted, the nytimes, etc.

In the time we have been around (since November 2008) we have managed to create quite a stir, having been featured by the London Times, Gawker numerous times, NY Post (page 6) on a number of occasions(yes we like to stir the pot), Huffington Post, CNN, Interviewmag, Bravo, perez hilton, racked.com, refinery29, jezebel,  gothamist, blackbook, papermag, artlog, the fashionspot, stylish kids in riot, dlisted, hollywoodlife.com, celebs.gather.com, ology, queerty, ontheredcarpet.com, popcrunch, entertainment tonight (etonline), tease.thedailywh.at,  radiochick.co.nz, celebfans, hollywoodreporter.com, and major features on international press including Finland’s biggest journal- iltalehti.fi

A sample of links:

ontheredcarpet- (with respect to the Pippa Middleton scandal)


Twilight star Peter Facinelli accused of cheating of cheating on Jennie Garth.radaronline

Enquirer: Jennie Garth knew Peter Facinelli was seeing other women

Sorority Girl’s E-Mail Rant

Devorah Rose/Salman Rushdie scandal- gawker

2010 – The London Times (you will have to type in the Editor in Chief’s name in the search bar- Christopher Koulouris

Devorah Rose insults Tinsley Mortimer off-camera. pg6/NY Post

Endnote: Peaches Geldorf and Devorah Rose. pg6/NY Post

Is Jules Kirby a Racist Homophobe or Does She Just Play One on TV? gawker

This is an index where we have been referenced by society and celebrity blogger Guest of a Guest half a dozen times this year.

This is the mag being written up by Huffington Post:

Young, Gifted and Beautiful in NYC.

A rebuttal for Steve Lewis.

Weighing in on Tinsley and Guest of a Guest

Advertising Rates:
(Depending on volume of ads taken beyond a minimum of 100,000 and time commitment prices are amenable).

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For further information and pricing please reach out to

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