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Scallywag finally meets Society Choice.


In short Society’s Choice is a well meaning group of extremely personable friends who initially got together to get drunk and decided that if they could get drunk and help the world and leave everyone smiling that would be a good thing (okay they really didn’t get drunk drunk, but I bet it was in the back of their minds right?). Not that anyone was particularly drunk last night, not even the author, although I think the girl with the yellow skintight dress caressing me on and off may have had a tad too much spritzer- not that I didn’t mind her lap dances at all.

To be serious (just for a moment, before I resume being silly…blah!) Society’s Choice are a wonderful lot with a heartfelt mission, courtesy of the auspices of Alex and Shireen. Which means when I heard they were putting a missive together to raise funds and awareness for the damage caused to nature courtesy of BP’s ineptitude (I’m not very subtle am I?) this coming July 14th I knew I had to find out more and see for myself. And to be fair all I can say for your lousy $50 they will be providing a 6 act contingency of outstanding talent and showgirls (this part I like a lot), lots of grog, food and other discerning and wonderful individuals like you whom should make the trek over that night. The information is all there at the end of the article.

Cynthia Antigua, Gregory with his shirt on...Jeven Wagner.



  1. After all everyone has aspirations of creating or belonging to a society
    group, but how many of those groups would one actually care to be part
    of? And that’s when I watched and ever so often would come to read their
    heartfelt articles and commentary when one day I decided to reach out
    to the founders Alex Harris andDr Shireen Fernandez and
    actually find out who they really were. What then better occasion than
    to drop by and share 4th of July celebrations and see for myself
    and for all who the collective was.

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