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Scallywag finally meets Society Choice.


Now back to the party- there was a half naked male model – Gregory de Laurent Budan strutting his abs and cheekbones whilst the fireworks blew up around us, which meant one half of the room was looking at his abs while the other half were looking at the fireworks (I if you must know was mostly in the latter camp…). Then there was the Tunisian host Lamia Ben who had a penchant for feeding us way too much food (perhaps I should have told her I was on a diet) and making us all laugh, the yellow bandid (who’s motto is ‘I like to make men go crazy,’ which admittedly made me wince), Chance Von Spiessbach whom I hope you have all have taken the time to watch on his on video blog site (chance.tvgreeting harassing celebrities at red carpet events and then there was another Tunisian – Abir Bennani who needs to hurry up and stop working as an actress in Paris and the Middle East and come and join us here in NYC on a full time basis and too many other wonderful guests.

In short Society’s Choice is a wonderful group of ever expanding entrepreneurial spirit and conscientious desire, with free will, pathos, charm (yes Alex, that means you…) and the ever growing support of a buttress of young professionals and spirited people resolute on having fun and making a difference. That said, I look forward to seeing you all this coming 14th. Let’s hope when Gregory the male model du jour arrives he will have the temerity for the sake of the mission to keep his shirt on, it’s terrible how pretty things can be so distracting…

Natures night– July 14th at Covet.

Society’s Choice.

Cynthia Antigua.


  1. After all everyone has aspirations of creating or belonging to a society
    group, but how many of those groups would one actually care to be part
    of? And that’s when I watched and ever so often would come to read their
    heartfelt articles and commentary when one day I decided to reach out
    to the founders Alex Harris andDr Shireen Fernandez and
    actually find out who they really were. What then better occasion than
    to drop by and share 4th of July celebrations and see for myself
    and for all who the collective was.

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