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Brian Moore sets up Web site to look for ’30 dates in 30 days.’


Would you date Brian Moore?

At first I was skeptical; with his boyish (and by boyish I mean an at-first-glance-doppelganger of Anthony Michael Hall in Pretty in Pink, boyish) looks, and goofy smile, I wasn’t sold. However, after watching his videos, Brian, 23, who hasn’t been single since 17, does seems quite endearing.

A creative spin on traditional online dating; this “30 Dates in 30 Days” project has all the trappings of an indie love story in the digital age— but like every good love story, there is, of course, a little bit of marketing behind it. An intern at BBH, the Date Brian project was the brain child of Brian and two colleagues, when he was asked to create something that would capture people’s attention.

NY Daily News: “I don’t pick up girls in bars, I’m not good at that, and that’s not the kind of thing I want to do,” he said. “At least for these next 30 days I’m putting myself on the line. It’s up to the Internet to make the decisions for me; my life is shared with the public.”

Casanova’s giving the power to the people. He asks his followers where he should take his dates, and even takes their input on whether or not he should ask a girl on a second date. He also poses questions to his fans their opinions in things like how he should cut his hair.

If BBH had any involvement with Date Brian, hopefully it is helping him pay for these 30 dates in 30 days. Showing dozens of girls a good time in NYC won’t come cheap.

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