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100 Cups of Coffee. The ins and outs of internet dating.


Being in Central Park, I immediately was on the lookout for the Central Park Rapist. That was until I met Kimberly Spice, the serial dater (as opposed to the serial rapist) that I was interviewing. She had developed an online open diary of dating that has been viewed by many. It highlights various forms of meeting people, the dos and don’ts of 1st dates, and somewhat strange encounters.

When I finally caught up with Kimberly Spice she had just got done with her 57th date. It was with a date codenamed “Georgia not-so-peachy”, and although he was 33 years old and successful (100K salary, owned his own house and car), he presented himself as a twelve year old pre-pubescent boy that just finished a sex ed course.

“The date was fine, until he started describing gay people as turd-burglars and poopie pirates… ” Kim then reflects: “I am sorry but this is New York, keep up up or get out of the way. He literally tried to keep up with me by playing it cute and holding my hand…not so good on the first date when it is the first time I have met you. Then if he didn’t act like a tourist enough, he was collecting every street vendors pamphlet, especially the discounted psychic tickets”. She then pulls out some psychic tickets…”I asked him if he really wanted to get his future told and he said to me…No baby, I am already looking at my future right here”.

When I first met Kimberly Spice, it was at The Comedy Point, a radio station I happen to work at. She was cute with a bubbly personality and a great sense of humor. All I knew was that she had a blog about going on 100 dates…NOT what she has been through during her 29 years. Before her blog diary, she considered herself a “Serial Monogamist”, always searching and finding companionship without really taking the time to be “single” in between. “Before I started this journey, I had never gone longer than 3 weeks without being in a relationship since high school.”

Kim’s first serious relationship began in high school, then before she went to college, she and her boyfriend, though “in-love” decided to separate. Within the first 3 weeks at college, she found herself in another relationship…even  though her mom said “NO BOYFRIENDS”. After 2 and a half years in a relationship, Kim transferred schools and decided to travel abroad. Because of such a distance between them, she and her college love ended. Then, when overseas in England, Kim hit it big. Within 8 weeks she found herself engaged and believed she had made it. She said  “I spent 5 years overseas…I was spending a week in Paris here, a week in Rome there, it was amazing”. However whenever she came back to the states with her husband, it seemed like they wanted different things and later divorced. Kim was heartbroken once again. She didn’t know what she wanted. She knew she did not want to get divorced again because of the emotional trauma, but that wasn’t the biggest issue… she didn’t even know if she could give a guy as much as a little bit of trust ever again as well. This is where our interview starts…

SCV : What inspired you to do “100 Cups of Coffee”?

K.S : As funny as it sounds…My car insurance agent. He lost some of my paperwork so I went in to talk to him and after getting on the topic of my recent break up, he mentioned I should go out on 100 dates. He said for me to go out for coffee with 100 guys, at least maybe 3 or 4 will like me. —-Light Bulb.



  1. Hilarious interview! She sounds like a great girl.
    So many crazies out there, but its definitely fun -)
    The joke about eggs was great! -)))

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