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A profile on the ultimate Womanizer…


staring up at her, pornography playing on Jack’s computer and Jack there himself with a bath towel over his naked torso. He’d blown up a mattress for her, as they settled down with pornography videos, cocaine. Heineken, moisturizer and Marlboros, too accompanied the Harem sequence. Screaming, wailing—inviting the police with her shock, he was eventually arrested for domestic abuse, but Alexia went back with him, seven months later.

Jack was a hungry vampire. Extracting red, internalized blood, heartened proof of her human mortality, supplied him fire, fuel. Her low self esteem was his vast feeding pit. Making her bleed fed the viciousness more readily then watching her bruise.

Seeing him arrested instilled in her a warm, veil of protection, solace- but he was not even apologetic. He was sorry to get caught, that was all.

The rebel in life Jack was just as wickedly the rebel in love. His strategy?

Jack first centralized his game playing around one woman, located himself conveniently in the apartment, body of the lucky woman who loved him most at the time.  Tainting the space (and her body) with Marlboro cigarettes, sexual debauchery and porn, he’d break away when she was most vulnerable and least attentive to accomplish arousal, elsewhere. Shimmering in front of one girl’s mirror, he’d break the routine reflection by night to dance in another’s reflective gaze.

Freshly coated in the perfumes of some other ‘bitches’ as he’d like to call women, the central ‘girl’ or ‘girlfriend’ too weakened by desperate longing for him to return to their ‘sacred space’ would welcome his improved charm as a renewed vitality wrought by his traveling somewhere new! Or better yet, wasn’t his apparent glow in response to seeing her again? He missed me, she’d naively adulate. So happy to see him, the ‘girlfriend’ never suspecting he was screwing other woman, or watching models strip tease at an after hours, because she told herself he loves me!  He was in Long Island, visiting family, of course. She of course was in the city being self delusional….

Second, Jack gripped his anonymity so tight; extremely calculating when it came to bringing friends together, he made sure no girl had any of his male friends’ numbers or contact info. The older he became the more vulnerable he was to encoding the New York social environments with his actions, his presence, so he had to take extra precautions.

Making sure no information was relayed to his girlfriend could become a laborious task, so he simply kept her separate from all matters of his life; this avoided complications. She could only dare to wonder…

He liked to get intoxicated at night, and no girl as far as he was concerned was worth too much work; he preferred to be free.



  1. GOT A TEXT, just now from THIS alleged 41 YEAR old JACK JACK —> “21 Year old, if I go any YOUNGER it’s Jail BATE.”

    ====> THEN HE SAID: “U know what they say, nothing like sweet young psussy make a man feel young agin.””””

    I proceeded to tell him I WOULD POST this ridiculous, pedophile COMMENTS. SO HERE THEY ARE —- > Please. help him. ;;–/

  2. Yeah. Complete MISOGYNIST…. Will never find or be someone’s true Love…. He’s just a pervert. BEWARE!!!

    Thanks y’All!!!

  3. And I bet he rolls around with Cocaine, and is a Credit Card Fraudster. Thinks its the only way to Get Girls… and is a College Drop Out. Tries to play the ‘Model’ card, but is incapable of upholding any Real Friendships… That Loser

  4. Yeah, he used to be my Friend, until he made a pass at my Girlfriend. Sure he was Drunk, (as usual), and his only Bait is Cocaine

    Takes it with him, seduces Girls in the bathroom… and Loses friends over his Actions

  5. That loser, he screw everyone and actually PAYS girls… to do him

    He’s a Credit CARD fraudster, illegitimate college Drop out— that’s probably why he got arrested

  6. I MET THIS GUY once, at a Club
    He kept Hitting on me, then when I wouldn’t run to the Bathroom with him, He took my Girfriend— who in the end was smart enough NOT to go home with him.
    He was alone, looking for any Slut to screw…. He needs a Life, a job

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