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A profile on the ultimate Womanizer…


Freedom meant getting drunk without worries, going out with hot girls without having to monitor his every gesture, freedom for Jack was carelessness, responsibilities abandoned in pursuit of game-playing fury. He liked participating in chaos, instead of leading the revolution.

Alexia helped transmute Jack’s Vampire tendencies to romantic ones, mesmerizing him into normalcy. She, artistic and real was only lying to herself; over-exaggerating the power of her game, beauty, and importance to this one man. Now infected, diseased by the cyclical torrents, desire malfunctioning, she was stupid to believe she could inspire an animal, tame a wild dog, to commit and marry.

Committing to one would undermine Jack’s malicious carnivore, his ability to regenerate at will; it would suffocate his rebellious, criminal agendas and Islam only forgives this detestable position: “I can marry two wives, you can only have one husband,” he’d joke. Marriage emasculates the bad man and everybody says vampires get more play.

The ultimate womanizer is in short a fearless operator, substantiated with a ‘I do whatever I want and take it when I want it’ mentality, perennially attracted to adventurous women, and the thrill of the hunt. What keeps these lonely immortals active is their sexual depravity and denial of real intimacy.

What draws these adventurous girls to them is really plague: The ‘I like bad boys plague,’ to which thirty-five year old women have hopefully grown immune.

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  1. GOT A TEXT, just now from THIS alleged 41 YEAR old JACK JACK —> “21 Year old, if I go any YOUNGER it’s Jail BATE.”

    ====> THEN HE SAID: “U know what they say, nothing like sweet young psussy make a man feel young agin.””””

    I proceeded to tell him I WOULD POST this ridiculous, pedophile COMMENTS. SO HERE THEY ARE —- > Please. help him. ;;–/

  2. Yeah. Complete MISOGYNIST…. Will never find or be someone’s true Love…. He’s just a pervert. BEWARE!!!

    Thanks y’All!!!

  3. And I bet he rolls around with Cocaine, and is a Credit Card Fraudster. Thinks its the only way to Get Girls… and is a College Drop Out. Tries to play the ‘Model’ card, but is incapable of upholding any Real Friendships… That Loser

  4. Yeah, he used to be my Friend, until he made a pass at my Girlfriend. Sure he was Drunk, (as usual), and his only Bait is Cocaine

    Takes it with him, seduces Girls in the bathroom… and Loses friends over his Actions

  5. That loser, he screw everyone and actually PAYS girls… to do him

    He’s a Credit CARD fraudster, illegitimate college Drop out— that’s probably why he got arrested

  6. I MET THIS GUY once, at a Club
    He kept Hitting on me, then when I wouldn’t run to the Bathroom with him, He took my Girfriend— who in the end was smart enough NOT to go home with him.
    He was alone, looking for any Slut to screw…. He needs a Life, a job

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