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David Spade & Padma Lakshmi Knocking Boots?


For some crazy reason which remains unsaid, actor David Spade is well known for bagging hot babes, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that he was out walking the West Hollywood streets with Top Chef host and beauty Padma Lakshmi.

What the hell these two were doing together beats me. She’s a foot taller than him, maybe two and it’s always a turn-off when the man is shorter. I tell ya, David must have a 10 foot python in between his legs because Padma had dinner with him at Koi AND left with him in his SUV. Of course it was cute watching them two boneheads pretending that they weren’t an item for the cameras walking sixteen basket ball courts apart until they suddenly arrive in David’s car where they are suddenly glued to each other’s pelvis bone.

How much do you want to bet that these two were going home to knock boots?

Source: Dlisted

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