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Who is that young chicken with that old man?

Could this Giorgio and his niece?

Could this be Giorgio and his niece?

Coming to terms with stereo types.

A nice delectable image no doubt- that of famed Giorgio Armani and his newest catch we wonder? Of course the fact that Giorgio has his arm around her scrawny arm has us confused on two counts; we all thought Giorgio was gay and secondly if we were to allow for a second that the female in question was his favorite niece we’d all be peeved ’cause we all want to secretly reinforce the notion that it’s okay for fabulous old men with accents to be surrounded by yummy scrawny things but at the same time if this was the other way around, say Vivianne Westwood with a 20 year old boy hustling on the coast we’d all be mortally offended.

Actually Google was in fact offended enough recently to pull out all cougar dating sites off its content browser, but in the interim has done nothing (if ever) about removing ads for old papas looking to adopt a nubile 21 year old and her needs. Which begs the question, gay or not, should we care that Giorgio is razzing it up with some unknown 21 year old or should we be wondering how it’s come to be that an older man can always have the company of a younger woman, and why for a fee a young woman can expect to attain the company of an older man who one supposes will reward her. Which in an indirect way reinforces the idea a woman after a certain age is not to be ‘rewarded’ or valued by society?

In the meantime we hope papa Giorgio and his scrawny whatever got a nice tan…


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    Beautiful Poly

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    It’s Natasha Poly. Russian top Model.