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The pain Liam McMullan keeps putting us through.


When some people still harbor grand illusions…

Liam McMullan for most intensive purposes is a gentle lovable human being except when he decides to take to the stage. It’s like buying a pretty kitty to only watch it grow up one day and scratch your eyeballs out. Of course we don’t think Liam wants to scratch your eyeballs out but somehow get you to love him. Unfortunately we don’t think that’s going to happen for Liam anytime soon, but then again he probably wouldn’t mind if you pitied him either.

The mess is here, breathe slowly as you watch this so as when you finally break into a callous hysterical laugh you lungs wont give out on you. Oh Liam, if only you became a photographer

Rew n’ Who? Liam McMullan makes us run for our lives.

Liam McMullan, and Aesha Waks Performing Their Song “Used Clothes” at NYC Club Ella With their Band “DANGER!!”

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  • Be careful about writing about talentless douchebags you may inadvertently give press to two people who have literally no artistic talent whatsoever. The farts you could light up might smell better and make better sounds than these two perpetually stone fameseekers.

  • sarahsuggets

    btw, it’s “intents and purposes” NOT “intensive purposes”

  • Faga Bond

    I think the last time I saw Mr. Kooloris he was doing just that, I think he was Dancing around covering himself in shit as an art installation at an old abandoned hardware store.

  • ScallyFAG

    How can you pity anyone who is that good looking! Its disgusting! why do they have to be interesting and good looking.
    Be careful what you say Christopher they are the most interesting thing about you! This is the best thing I have ever seen on your site and you never have anything nice to say. what does that say about you? All you ever do is shit all over yourself,
    Be careful or you will just be a weird guy with a mustache playing with yourself in a corner covered in feces.