Home Nightlife Patrick McMullan presents St Paddy’s day bacchanalia.

Patrick McMullan presents St Paddy’s day bacchanalia.

Lawrence Robbins- center
Photography by Steve Sands of NY1 Newswire. Patrick McDonald, Michael Musto-center.

Personally, me- I always know better to keep away from any St Patrick Day celebrations- call it a fear of the drunken brawl I always fear it will come to (yes my adolescence has a lot of explaining to be had), a fear of all the crowds and most importantly the fear that I myself just might become my own drunk spectacle. That of course didn’t dissuade our resident photographer Steve Sands turning up this past Thursday night at Pacha, where most of you managed to behave and bring good cheer to our friend Patrick McMullan‘s very own St Paddy Day’s Mayhem. I think the pictures tell the story.

Oh by the way, if you want a story, cause I can never resist the odd rumor or scandal, rumor has it that Steve managed to get a word in with one of the Russian beauties who turned up only to be lured away by what Steve likes to call the ‘golden carrot.’ The golden carrot? Lawrence Robins, celebrity walker (see very last picture) was going to take all you hot bunnies to hang out with film director Oliver Stone. Hmm- if only I was there that night, I would have taken up Lawrence’s offer too- sorry Steve…

Liam McMullan and Aesha Waks
I wont even attempt to describe what's going on in this picture...
'I will fly'
Lawrence Robins- center
  • I’m glad my cation is ‘GUESTS’ and not something much worse. xo