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The All-New British Style Genius- Ziad Ghanem.


Ziad: I am so thankful and grateful for all the great feedback. My audience is an important part of my show. I thought I’d get a standing ovation when I am eighty years old, since it seems people only acknowledge artists when they are old and retiring…ha ha. But I am very honoured that it has happened now and it means the show has moved people emotionally so much so it literally got their asses off the chairs!

JoJo: Tell us a bit about your collection ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’…

Ziad: Lucy is about the fading world of couture. It is a tribute the drama in fashion and the art of dressing and undressing.

JoJo: You tend to feature a broad range of models (size, age, gender etc) in your shows – is it important for you to work with unique individuals as opposed to sample size agency models?

Ziad: I make and design my clothes to dress people not imaginary super heroes. Using super-thin non-realistic models in fashion is a high form of rejecting the human’s general natural shape and body. Thin or thick, small or big, they are in my show because they inspire me…true my models are my inspiration and they are in my show because they love dressing up and love my work too. I refuse to force my clothes on any odd model from an agency. My clothes are made on my model sizes, and are an exaggeration of their character and looks. Without the people in my show there would be no clothes, so I am grateful for their inspiration.

JoJo: What about the performance aspect in your shows – is this something that evolves alongside the collection?

Ziad: My shows are always about the drama. Fashion has lost most of its excitement and drama. With the internet anyone can see the new collections online, and all is so dull – a dress on a stick. You see one you’ve seen them all. Where is the show factor? I like my shows to be underground and encompass theatre and drama, my audience want to see that and it is value for their time and effort. Excluding the westend shows I aim to be the hottest ticket in town. Ha ha ha!

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