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The All-New British Style Genius- Ziad Ghanem.


JoJo: How important is being London based to your work?

Ziad: I am inspired by London. I am grateful for the freedom and support that this city has given me. I am British at heart.

JoJo: Do you think London is still the creative, avant-garde melting pot that the press makes out it is?

Ziad: Sure it is, but sadly not many people have the chance to show their work because of the major lack of support for young talent. The club scene plays a big part too in promoting this image of London and unfortunately the heyday of 2006/07 has died down a lot. I feel like the avant-garde scene has become much suppressed and people have changed. I call it the ‘souvenir era’ people wanting a quick fix and wanting it all now.

JoJo: You were also involved with Eco Chic this year could you tell us a bit about your environmental / ethical views?

Ziad: I am fair trade and ethical when it comes to working with people. I try to source also lots of sustainable materials and organic fabrics that are environmentally friendly. I am not trying to save the world, but I choose to use ethical methods to show my respect to the planet. People please be kind to other fellow people and in turn be kind to the planet.

JoJo: Could you divulge any future plans for your label?

Ziad: It is more exclusive than ever, you can not find it in a shop and you need to come for a consultation. Humans need more than food to survive and I like to provide something that is more personal and unique to each individual. My label is Bespoke/ Couture and I am happy with that direction.

JoJo: What not to wear…is there any item of clothing you think is truly horrible?

Ziad: Wear what is comfortable and what makes you feel good. I wear the first clean shirt I pick up from my closet! However, fur is horrible…if you can not eat the meat of the fox then don’t wear its fur.

Thank you so much Ziad – want to see more of Ziad’s work then go to his website www.ziadghanem.co.uk

JoJo Iles