Home Nightlife The 2010 Shorty Awards comes with some of its own surprises!

The 2010 Shorty Awards comes with some of its own surprises!

Photos courtesy of Nick McGlynn.

“We’re changing the world, one tweet at a time.” – Host Rick Sanchez

Equipped with a program, wallet-sized “tweet guide”, official Shorty Awards pin and my iphone (aka the ability to tweet), I was fully prepared for my evening at the 2nd Annual Shorty Awards.

Held at the Times Center in NYC, the Shorty Awards honor “the best producers of short (140 characters or less) real-time content.” Translation: The award is given to the person or company who uses and exploits the social network Twitter to its maximum effect.

After “checking in” via Foursquare and unlocking the special “Shorty Awards badge,” guests were naturally encouraged to tweet their hearts out (or until the battery on their mobile devices gave out).

Acceptance speeches were limited to 140 characters or less (clever!) and were displayed as actual “tweets” via video screen.  If you thought only the MTV Video Music Awards was a reliable source of “did he/she really do that?” moments, the Shorty Awards beg to differ…

Grover (yes, that Grover) accepted the award in the category #brand on behalf of Sesame Street (@sesamestreet).  CNN anchor and Host Rick Sanchez (@ricksanchezcnn) can now add “I cut Grover off in the middle of his acceptance speech” to his list of life accomplishments.