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Rabbi Baruch Lebovits is going to be spending a very long time behind bars.


The horrible things that keep going on in religion.

So here’s a story that we wanted to bring attention to not so much because the guy in question is a terrible bastard (which he rightfully is) it’s the idea that there’s something terribly wrong going on in our faith based organizastions which zealously preach piety, virginity, straight sex and all the wonderful things that your grandma talks about from time to time. Once again we have another member of a faith based organization being found guilty of sexually perjuring his position within that faith based dominion and frankly we are appalled.

By virtue of accepting such office you are held to a higher standard and sexually molesting young boys is a big no no- no matter whether you are Jewish, Catholic (see story here from the Vatican) or in fact aetheist. We strongly disapprove and you dick brains should rightfully be castrated for this type of behavior. That said let’s have a cursory look at the miserable existence of Rabbi Baruch Lebovits.

As reported by the NY Daily News.

A Brooklyn rabbi faces decades behind bars – and sentencing on the eve of Passover – after a jury quickly convicted him of sexually assaulting a teenage boy.

Rabbi Baruch Lebovits showed no reaction as Brooklyn Supreme Court jurors found him guilty on eight of 10 counts after three hours of deliberations.

“Thank God, justice is served,” the victim’s father said in the packed courtroom as Lebovits family members wiped tears from their eyes.

Indeed thank God Justice is served. Just remember sometimes the worst offenders are the ones who are there to protect, guide and inspire us. Looks like Rabbi Baruch has found his saviour – HELL.




  1. WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) – About Louis Kestenbaum – A teenage girl has filed a $50 million lawsuit against a New York billionaire, and the president of the ODA in Williamsburg NY saying he sexually abused her when she was 14.

    Louis Kestenbaum”s attorney says the allegations are false and motivated by money. Kestenbaum is also the CEO of Fortis properties and the ODA a goverment funded organisation in the williamsburg section of Brooklyn NY

    The girl, now 17, claims Louis Kestenbaum invited her to his Florida mansion in 2005 to perform a massage for $300. The lawsuit, filed in federal court, claims he demanded she remove her clothes, then sexually assaulted her.

    The girl, her father and stepmother are seeking more than $50 million.

    JOEL KESTENBAUM a son of Louis Kestenbaum said ” The family is in shock ” but had no comments when asked.

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