Home Nightlife Zac Posen Follows The Trend And Invades Rose Bar.

Zac Posen Follows The Trend And Invades Rose Bar.

Photography by Ricardo Garcia.

After attending Ford Models at the Rose Bar, I knew any other event would be hard to follow. It’s sort of like having gourmet pizza prepared by Gordon Ramsay on site and served by the entire 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar models, by hand, in their bikinis.  Now imagine having the same pizza but Gordon left his assistant chef to prepare it and no swimsuit models were on hand to spoon feed, just a bunch of tattooed delivery men.  Ok, the degree of difference was not as dramatic in taste, but rather the ingredients.  I think if I were gay, I probably would have had a better time.  Fortunately, I was accompanied by the lovely Natasha Galkina, a rising starlette in Hollywood and the entertainment circuit.  I caught a glimpse of Zac Posen (host of the party) briefly, but didn’t have a chance to exchange any congratulations or salutations.  I will say it now, “great job, keep it up” and I hope he invites more ladies next time.

I think any room is really what you make it.  You can fill it with party guys who just want to be bad.  You can fill it with party girls that edge the party guys on and run to the bathroom every two minutes to do blow.  You can fill it with a bunch of intellectuals that drink water and probably don’t know what it’s like to orgasm (except on Sundays).  Or you can fill it with all of the above.  I just couldn’t quite figure out what the theme was for the party.  Artistic people, interesting conversations, happy faces and of course the traditional open bar (j’aime beaucoup la Veuve Clicquot) that graces the invited ones.